Summer Vacay 2020

Hello again! I’m back! 🙂

I’m blogging 3x this week because I wanted to do a quick little recap of our vacay in Isle of Palms!

Things definitely looked a little different this summer. We wore masks all around Charleston, we sat outside for dinner everywhere or opted to cook at the house! It was still a VERY much needed vacay/ change of scenery!!


We left the lake the day after the 4th and made a stop by our house to get our luggage and headed straight to the beach!

We got there mid afternoon, un-packed, took a walk on the beach, headed out to get some groceries, and made a simple dinner at the house!


Monday morning, we were ready to beach- it! We had a good amount of overcast and sunshine weather with a couple of rain storms here and there. I honestly loved the overcast weather because it made the beach nice and breezy. I stay pretty hot these days! (must be a pregnancy thing)


It was a great first day on the beach! I can’t believe we will have Baby Cochran on vacay with us next year!!

After beaching it all day, we made a pasta dinner at the house that night!


Tuesday morning, it rained for a bit so we read on the screened in porch, then made a few stops around Mt. Pleasant like the cigar shop for Harry and the local Harris Teeter!


The skies finally cleared and we were able to head down to the beach! We took the dogs to the beach this day and they LOVED it! Ace has always loved the beach. This was Nash’s first time on the beach. He would walk up to the water and when the waves came in, he would run away! lol! He had a blast running and rolling in the sand though.


That night, we went to Page’s Okra Grill in Mt. Pleasant for dinner! We sat outside on the patio. We had scallops as pictured for an appetizer and they were AMAZING! We both had fried shrimp for an entree! I highly recommend this restaurant!


We took an evening walk on the beach after dinner!


Wednesday, we beached it again! Then we walked up the beach to Coconut Joes! We sat on their rooftop area while I sipped a virgin cocktail!

Basically we beach it all day, go for long walks down to the bridge area each day, and do fancier things at night!


That night, we had Grimaldi’s pizza for dinner in Mt. Pleasant! We sat outside on the patio area and we both decided, we would go back there for pizza again!


On Thursday, we beached it again while we waited for Ashley and Logan to arrive! They were with us the rest of the week/ weekend and we were able to celebrate Logan’s birthday!!! YAY!

They did not get into town until late that evening so they did their own thing for dinner! Harry & I went to dinner with Chelsea and her fiance, Scott that night!


We sat outside at Coast that evening in downtown Charleston. Harry and I tried it while we were in Charleston last summer and loved it! We were excited to go back! I had the salmon which is SO, SO good!

I’ve been told it’s okay to eat seafood while pregnant as long as it’s fully cooked so that’s something I looked out for while we were there! We tried to change it up too and not eat seafood every night!


We went to a cute little coffee shop in Mt. Pleasant Friday morning called Vintage coffee!!


We were excited to have Ashley & Logan on the beach with us on Friday!!


We walked, we talked, the guys got in the ocean! I love taking my beach chair down to the ocean. I could totally take a nap on the beach and I did.. many times!


That night, we got sorta fancy and headed back into down town for the evening!




The soon to be, Mr. & Mrs. Logan MacCallum!!! 🙂


Saturday morning, we stopped by the marina on Isle of Palms!


Then we headed to the beach! I was 11 weeks pregnant on this day! Ekk! Still can’t believe we will get to travel with our son or daughter next year!!


We also took the pups back down to the beach this day!


Little Nashy!!

We had dinner on Shem Creek that night and headed back to the house and had a “porch night!” lol the boys had cigars, Ashley had wine, and I had a popsicle! haha!


The next morning, it was time to head home!

It was the perfect & very much needed, vacay!


One more thing before I go…


… this dress! I had so many questions about where it came from!!


Of course it came from the one and only, Southern Charm Boutique! Most of my wardrobe is from Southern Charm because they are just the BEST!! I walk in there and see “my style” lol! If you live local, be sure to check them out!!


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