Tell All Tuesday: Life with 2 Dogs

tell all tuesday

Hey, Hey!! It’s Tell All Tuesday, Day!!

Today’s topic is about life with two dogs!!


We have had Nash since the beginning of April, so a little over 3 months now!

You can read more about Nash’s story and why we decided to get him, here:

Welcome Home Nash


He has been the best little addition to our family!

We knew that we were getting Nash shortly after he was born in February! We did NOT know that Covid was going to happen and we would have all this time at home with him!

It’s been nice to have so much time at home with Nash to train him! The goal is for him to be fully house trained/ potty trained before I go back to teaching!

I would say he is about 85% there in both areas! He has made SO much progress since we brought him home in April!

We really try to stay on top of the training, especially Harry! He’s more firm than me!


Nash has loved Ace from the beginning! He wants to be just like his big brother and be in his business 24/ 7. Ace on the other hand had to warm up to Nash.

The first few weeks Ace would sorta look at Nash like, “Why are you here?” He’s never been aggressive though. That’s just not Ace!


Now, I think Ace enjoys the company! I know they are going to love having each other around when Harry and I are both back at work! That was our number 1 reason for getting the second dog! I didn’t want Ace to feel left out when we have kids and not understand why kids will get to go more places than he does.


Nash has been the perfect little addition to our house! He’s a small fluffy dog but he is WILD! Wild in a good way because he can keep up with Ace in the backyard!


Nash hides when he knows he’s in trouble!


Ace still lets Nash know that he’s in charge when he needs too! LOL!

One of the things we have had to work on is getting them adjusted to the same food! Thankfully both dogs, come and go to their food throughout the day. Neither one gobbles food down all at once!


We take both pups to the lake! Ace is such a little swimmer. We haven’t introduced Nash to the lake water yet. We’ll try that eventually but he’s still so tiny! Nash enjoys being outside on the porch or the boat house where he’s trapped in and can’t get to the water!


Both boys love the beach!! Ace will totally get in the ocean and fetch a toy! Nash walks to the water and when the waves come in, he runs away! lol!


Now that we have 2 dogs, I don’t know if we will ever have just 1 dog again. We really love knowing Ace has a friend now!



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