Motivation Monday

Hey Friends!!

motivation monday

I’m back from a great week of vacay!! I hope y’all had a great week too! I’ll be recapping our vacation later this week but today’s post is a Motivation Monday post!

I read this devotion the morning that we were headed to the coast for vacay! It really caught my attention.


Find my Devotion book, here: Devotional for Women

In a world of chaos right now, I have said multiple times, “our world needs a foundation to stand on.” This devotion reminded me of that!

For me, Jesus isn’t just something I seek on Sunday mornings or in prayer when I need help. I need Jesus in my life every moment of every day. He is my foundation.

I often think of the bracelets that we wore as kids that said, “W.W.J.D?”
(What would Jesus do?) In every situation, I try to ask myself, “What would Jesus do?”

He guides my entire life and He is the only one who can truly fulfill your life. Nothing else in this world will satisfy us and give us happiness, peace, & joy!

I motivate each of us to remember, “What is the foundation of your life?”

Jesus is the answer.



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