My SkinCare Routine

Today’s post is all about my current skincare routine!


I 100% agree that your skin is worth investing in because you will have your skin forever!

I spent some time trying to nail down a skincare routine that worked best for me. By that, I mean a routine that worked best for my skin’s needs, what I feel is important at my age, and a routine to fit my budget.


So over the years, I have used Mary-Kay, Rodan & Fields, and most recently Tula! As I have switched brands over the years, I have found something from each brand that I LOVE and still incorporate into my current routine.

Recently though, I have switched MOST of my skincare products over to TULA and I have not looked back!! If you’re like me, you have probably seen TULA advertised by other influencers on social media and wondered if this stuff is the real deal. Let me tell you, IT IS! Let me also tell you, I AM NOT BEING PAID TO TALK ABOUT TULA! 

A few reasons why I love Tula: 1. It works. 2. Their products are filled with probiotics and superfoods to give you that natural glow. 3. It’s pretty afforadable! 

Those are just a few reasons…



I’m going to break down my exact skincare routine each day!

Let’s start with my morning skincare routine:

I believe the 3 most important things in the morning are

cleanser + vitamin c + moisturizer

but, let’s dive into each step I take in the morning:


1. Cleansing Face Brush– I always wash my face with a cleansing brush! This one is super affordable on Amazon!

2. Cetaphil Skin Cleanser– I have used this stuff for YEARS! Since I’m not taking make- up off in the morning, I like to start my day with a basic, gentle skin cleanser like this!

3. Deep Wrinkle Serum– This is my favorite skincare product that I use! I have never had any sort of botox before, ever. This serum by Tula really does help remove the appearance of fine lines. This product is more on the pricey side but, it works!

4. Bo Stegall Hydrovital Mist– I came across this product several years ago and it contains lots of vitamins including vitamin C. It can be used on skin and hair. I use it on both! It is very hydrating and I love the feeling when it hits my skin. I also use it on my entire body after being in the sun for a long period of time! You can get lots of use out of this product!

5. Eye Renewal Serum– I recently added Tula eyecare into my skincare routine. I’m closer to 30 than I am 20 now. (sigh) Therefore, I’m thinking ahead and trying to protect this area of my skin. This serum is filled with caffiene and it instantly makes you look awake. It depuffs any sort of puffiness you may have in the mornings. The applicator is also very gentle and it feels great on your skin while applying!

6. Rodan & Fields: Sensitive Skin Treatment– In love with this product!! This is one thing that I still use from Rodan & Fields. I have rosacea in my skin so my cheeks appear pink sometimes. This treatment really helps deminish pink/ red in skin.

7. Hydrating Day & Night Cream– This is hands down, the BEST moisturizer I have ever used!! This Tula day & night cream is light weight, yet so moisturzing. My skin feels SO soft after applying this!

8. Sunscreen– It is SO important to protect your skin from the sun. I make sure to wear sunscreen every. single. day. Even if I’m not laying by the pool or on the beach, I still have sunscreen on my face. The sun can get to your skin just going for a 20 minute walk. I will say that my make- up foundation contains sunscreen so I don’t always have to use this stuff. I only resort to this if I’m not wearing any make- up!

And that completes my morning routine! 


Now, onto my nighttime skincare routine:

At nightime, I think the essentials are

cleanser + retinol + moisturizer

But, let me show you the steps that I take at night: 


!. Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes– For years, I have always taken my make- up off with a babywipe prior to cleansing my skin. I don’t want to rub make- up into my skin along with my cleanser, SO I always take my make- up off with a babywipe first!

2. Cleansing Brush– I use this cleansing brush morning/ night. I hate touching my face with my hands plus this really helps clean my face!

3. Cleanser– This purifying face cleanser by Tula is amazing. I remember the first time I used it, thinking, “Wow! My face needed that. It’s never felt so CLEAN.” It’s also great for all skin sypes and filled with probiotics that your skin needs!

4. Toner– My toner is a product by Mary- Kay that I have always kept in my routine no matter what other brands of skincare I try. It’s a blemish control toner and it also helps remove any dirt and grime that may have been left behind while cleansing.

5. Eye Make- Up Remover– This is another Mary- Kay product that I have not changed over the years. They have the BEST eye make- up remover. It’s oil free and it removes every bit of my eyeliner and mascara at the end of the day.

6. Deep Wrinkle Serum– I use this deep wrinkle serum, morning & night! It really is amazing and I don’t think I could ever go without it now!

7. Retinol– I’m sure you have heard someone say at some point, “You need to try retinol.” Retinol helps with firmness and again, now that I’m closer to 30 than 20 (sigh again), it was time for me to add a retinol to my skincare routine. This one goes on very smooth and it does not leave a residue. It’s by, Tree of Life and it’s very in- expensive.

8. Revitalizing Eye Cream– This eye cream by Tula, is different than the one I use in the mornings. I think the other one is better suited for the mornings because it helps with morning puffiness, it’s filled with caffiene, etc. This one is better for night time. It helps with fine lines and it’s made for the delicate skin around your eyes. I feel great sleeping with this stuff around my eye area.

9. Rodan & Fields Sensitive Skin Treatment– Again, I use this morning and night. This is a product I have always kept in my routine since trying it. If you have rosacea, this will definitely help!

10. Moisturizer– There’s a reason it’s called, day & night cream. Lol! I use this morning and night. It’s so important to moisturize your skin.

*Disclaimer… I use to think that moisturzing my skin only made it more oily. IT IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE. The more you moisturize your skin, the more balanced it’s going to be!*

And that wraps up my nighttime skincare routine!


If you’re a new customer to Tula, you can sign- up on their website for 15% off! To read more about each product that I talked about today, make sure to click on the title of the product and it will take you to more info!



Have an amazing day!!


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