Tell All Tuesday: Skin Secrets

Hey Friends!!

Two weeks ago, I did a blog post about my skincare routine!

Find that here: My Skincare Routine

I talked about my everyday morning skincare routine as well as, my everyday night time skincare routine!


Today, I’m here to talk about some “skin secrets.” These are some products that I use once a week but not everyday! Everything I’m talking about today are great things to use that will exfoliate your skin.

Why exfoliate?


A lot of my daily skincare items (especially Tula) are great for exfoliation! These items below that I use once a week just help take it to the next level! There is nothing like exfoliating your skin to feel smooth, remove ALL dead skin, and have fresh skin to apply make- up!


These are 3 things that I use once a week:


Mary Kay- Microdermabrasion Set: I have used this for years! The cleanser has the scrubby beads in it but it’s VERY light, not harsh on your skin! It helps remove all dead skin and all build- up from pores. I typically add this to my Sunday skincare routine to start my week off right!

Find it, here: Mary- Kay Microdermabrasion Set



Aztec Clay Mask: I have been using this since college! It is the most powerful facial I have ever used at home. You can feel it working from the moment you put it on your skin. It cleans deep pores and removes any impurities. Anytime I feel my skin starting to break out, this mask helps stop those break outs!! I typically use this once a week, mid- week!

Shop this mask, here: Aztec Clay Mask



Olga Lorencin 3- Step Red Carpet Facial: I started using this a little over a year ago and I have not looked back! Step 1 is a peel and it removes all dead skin, Step 2 is a neutralizer, and Step 3 is the softest mask I’ve ever used! Steps 1 & 2 tingle so you know it’s working. Once I’m finished with all 3 steps, my face feels like a babys bottom! lol, literally! Plus, it looks smooth and glowy! Now, this is definitely on the pricey side BUT I only use it once a week so it will last me a full year! I usually use this at the end of the week just to peel away all the grime from the week!

Shop this, hereOlga Lorencin 3- Step Red Carpet Facial



Okay, those are my “secrets” for exfoliating and having glowy/ smooth skin! What are your secrets?!



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