Welcome to Room 606

Happy Saturday Friends!!


I hope y’all had the best week! I made it through my first week back at work! I can’t believe this is my fifth year teaching! Like what? I feel like I just began this journey of teaching!

This week consisted of catching up with my work fam, lots of meetings, and getting things completely ready to welcome my new kiddos next week!



Today, I am inviting you into room 606 for a little tour of my classroom! Not much has changed over the past several years but I’ve definitely added things here & there, so come on in!



This is the front/ back of my door! The pencil & pineapple were both made by Kynslee’s Creations in my hometown of Clover! I use the “secret password” board as a ticket into the classroom each morning. I tack letters up for review!


This is the front of my classroom where wholegroup learning takes place!

Classroom rugs can be very pricey. I found this solid black rug at Ross very cheap! I used tape to mark seating spots!

My classroom theme is neon colors with a touch of black to sorta tone things down!


The back of my room including birthday wall, cubbies, small group buckets, work time buckets, and pencil boxes!


This is also in the back of my classroom in the block center! I like having two rugs because we break up into 2 groups for small groups, which is a big learning part of our day. We sit on the carpet during this time! This rug came from Target!


The book corner! My calendar/ weather info/ monthly words are also displayed here!

My scoop chairs on the left are used for the book corner and the ipad center!


The Writing Center


The house center!


The Art Center! You can also see my job pockets on the back of the art supply shelf!



Nap Mat Shelf!

My sweet friend Natalie had her dad build this for her classroom when we taught together! She moved to another district closer to home last year and I bought it from her for a VERY good price! She’s the best! How cool is this?! It has been such an easy way to store nap mats that the students can easily access!


A few other classroom rituals/ ideas that I use:


This is our birthday box! When a student has a birthday, we sing, they get a birthday crown to wear for the day, and they get a prize out of this box!


The Kindness Pot!

We use this ritual to promote kindness in the classroom! When a student does something kind for sosmeone, they can put their flower in the kindness pot. At the end of the day, we celebrate all of the kind acts for the day!



Meet Ollie! This year, I’m starting something new!

Ollie is our stuffed animal, classroom pet. Every Friday, I will pick a student to take Ollie home, along with a notebook. Students can write and draw pictures of their weekend, “Adventures with Ollie.” On Monday’s, students can share!


This is the care center! If a student is having a difficult time, they can sit in our safe place (a soft cushiony area beneath the care center basket). The student can use the materials in the care center to feel better such as a stuffed animal, a sand timer to time how long they have been sitting there, books, and cranky cream to get “the crankies” out!


-Here you can see pictures of our classroom routine! We use a clothespin to track our day using the pictures.

-Above the pictures, you can see the wish well. We write students names in the wish well who are absent and sing a little song to wish them well.

-The celebrate board is used to celebrate things that we did well on throughout the day. We take a look at the celebrate board at the end of every day!


That completes the tour of our classroom! If you have questions about anything or want to know where something came from, feel free to ask! We’re looking forward to a great year!


Also, I will be taking a blogging break next week as I get back into my work routine with my students! I will still be posting to IG, however my blog posts will resume next week!! Find me on instagram if you haven’t already: doverfromclover


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