Life Lately

Hey everyone!

I’m back, I’m back, I’m back!

Whew!! I told y’all I was going to take a bit of a blogging break so I could adjust back to my work routine in my classroom but it took me a bit longer than I anticipated.


So today, I thought I would blog a little bit of life lately!


I have a great group of kiddos so work with my students is going really well.

You can read all about my classroom set- up here: Welcome to Room 606


However, it has taken my immune system a while to readjust. I was sick for about two weeks straight. There for a bit, I was feeling pretty rough!


Ethan turned the big 1-2 recently!! I can’t believe my baby brother is now 12!

For his birthday, he had two requests! 1. See the Lion King… check! It was so good!!


Request number 2: Eat at Olive Garden with the fam! LOL!! I thought this request was hilarious!! But thanks for the excuse to eat all the salad & breadsticks!

(Y’all see he went to Olive Garden just to order cheese pizza and fries right! hahah!)


Ethan also had his jamboree to kick off football season in Spartanburg! I was so excited about this!! This is Harry & I with Ethan and his best friend Finn!


We escaped to the lake for a few days for Labor Day weekend! We spent that weekend with half of the Cochran clan! It was so fun!

You can find my bahting suit cover- up here: Cover- Up


The pro himself! LOL! I leave all the water sports to Harry… (fun fact: when Harry was a teenager, he went to wakeboarding camp! lol)


And… the ping- pong champs from Labor Day weekend are… lol


Now, we are officially doing all of the fall things!

Shop my outfit by clicking the links below!



similar cardigan


This past weekend, we headed up to Hendersonville- one of my favorite places!

Our first stop was Sky Top! It was perfect! We got there before lunch time so the weather was nice!

Harry went for the apples. I went for the cider and doughnuts! lol YUM YUM!!


After Sky Top, we went into downtown Hendersonville and had lunch at Moe’s Original BBQ. This type of food also puts me in a fall mood!

After lunch, we returned home so Harry could watch some football!


Our church is walking through our pastor’s new book!! It is amazing!! You should totally read it!


After church, we went to Lidl and found this yummy snack while I was there!!

Have I mentioned that I am on a big Lidl high right now?! Spartanburg has had two Lidl’s for about a year now and I just started shopping there about a month ago. It. has. changed. my. life!!! I’m not even kidding! So much cheaper and SO many great options! (Thanks to our neighbor Cassie for talking it up!)

Painting was my Sunday afternoon project. These will be going in my laundry room!

And this week…


I become an aunt to a sweet little niece! I’m so SO excited!!

We are ready for you sweet girl!!


That just about sums up life lately! Y’all have a great week!!




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