Motivation Monday: Back to School

We are officially back in school here in my district!

Teachers returned over the past two weeks & students returned this week.

I always take a bit of a “blogging break” when school starts back to get readjusted. I took last week off as all teachers were busy at work, getting prepared for new sweet kiddos!

We all know this school year will look somewhat different…

I think the unknown can be scary and we’re all living in a lot of unknown in the world right now.

That’s where my faith comes in! I know God has placed me in this job with a purpose. He knows what lies ahead, even thought we don’t.

All I can say is, God put me in this role & I’m going to do it to the best of my ability!

I encourage everyone to have that same outlook. If you’re a teacher, a nurse, a business person, etc. No matter what your role is, remember that God placed you there with a purpose and he knows what goes before us!

If you’re interested in seeing my classroom set- up, check it out below! My set- up has not changed much from last year EXCEPT, we have had to put a lot of social distance measures in place & make things as safe for students as we possibly can!

Welcome to Room 606

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