Fab Friday



  1. I’m loving this dress from Southern Charm Boutique! The bell sleeves are my favorite part. It’s a perfect transition piece into fall!


2. This nail polish is another favorite! I’ve had this powder polish by Kiara Sky on my nails for about two weeks now and I love it. Someone asked me the other day what color it is and I can’t remember the exact name. It’s like a gray/ lavender color!


3. This self- tanning mist by Banana boat is super cheap and it gives the best color! It hasn’t left any streaks on me, what so ever. If you need a quick tan for something, this is definitely a favorite of mine! It shows up in 2-3 hours.


4. I went by Ulta a few days ago to buy some more foundation and I saw these cream eye shadows by NYX while standing in the check- out line. (Stores put random assortments of things in the check- out lines for people like me!) Anyway, they were on sale so I decided to buy a couple because I really liked the colors. I bought the color in the top left and the bottom right and I really like both! The copper color is perfect for fall!


5. This candle is fabulous!!! I love a good candle and this one was $7 at Marshalls. It smells so, so good! It’s called Falling Leaves. 🙂

Have a FABULOUS weekend!


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