Fab Friday

I LOVE Fab Fridays!!

These are 5 things that I currently find fabulous:


  1. My sweet friend Chelsea who is also a teacher, gave me this book when I started my teaching career. I read it at the beginning of the school year and again at the end of the school year. In this book, Miss Maple gathers lost seeds and takes them into her cozy maple tree home, to nurture them and help them grow. She also takes them on field trips for them to learn and grow. In the end, the seeds find roots of their own and they are ready to grow into the plants that they are destined to be.

Teacher friends, you should add this to your collection over the summer! It simplifies our role each year as teachers, it is wonderful, and my kids loved it!


2. Sugar Bear Hair! Okay, so if you are like me then, you have seen these advertised a million times on instagram. And again, if you are like me, you thought “those will never work.” Well, my sister in law uses them and she lives by them. She told me I had to try them so I bought a month supply and I loved them! They are legit hair gummies and they taste so good. I got about an inch and a half cut off my hair a couple months ago because it needed it but I started taking these gummies right after and my hair instantly grew back! It also made my hair look/ feel healthier. You have to try them!


3. I have been on the hunt for a good mascara lately! I had tried so many different brands before I came across this one. I tried the “better than sex” mascara and I felt like it was clumpy so I tried the waterproof brand. I felt like I was ripping my eyelashes out when I took the waterproof brand off. I was in Ulta one day and I tested the “benefit” mascara and I wasn’t a huge fan of that either. I finally came across the NYX double stack fiber mascara and I LOVE it! It gives good length, does not clump, and lasts all day! It is also super affordable!


4. If you saw my last blog post, you saw these shorts! I’ve worn them a couple different times. You can totally dress them up or down and they are super comfy. I found them at “Dress- Up” in Greenville! I love them!!

5. My mom has been cleaning out my closet in my old room back home and she has come across several different gems that have made me smile this week:


Oh my goodness!! This book. My best friend Kacy and I started this notebook when we were freshmen or sophomores in high school. There is no telling what secrets are told behind the cover of this book. LOVE that this was found!


And this book! My other BFF Morgan made this book for me for my 18th birthday. She wrote a page for each month between my 17th and 18th birthday. She summarized everything that took place during those months and added lots of cute pictures! Look at the month of June ^ we graduated!!


This picture was also found! This is a picture of my high school cheerleading team at cheer camp when I was a sophomore in high school. My sister was a senior that same year. I love that we were able to cheer together! Our team theme that year was “all heart” because our team was known for putting our hearts and souls into everything, hence the heart frame! I miss those days!!


This was my favorite!! This was my Bible that my mom gave me when I was a little girl. It is still in great condition too. I will treasure it forever and hopefully I will have the honor of giving it to my child someday! I love finding all of these special treasures!


I hope y’all have a FABULOUS Friday/ weekend!!



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