All the Summer Feels


Did somebody say summer? Ahh, I have had all the summer feels lately and I am getting so excited that it is just around the corner!

I have already started thinking about some of the things I want to do and all the things I need to do this summer.

Here is my list:


-Charleston: just about every summer, Harry and I take a trip to Charleston to stay at his family’s beach house. Who doesn’t love Charleston? Two of our best friends live there as well so it is always fun to catch up and see them! I can’t wait to be there this summer!

-Vaca with friends: I love taking a trip with friends during the summer! A couple of my best friends from home and I, are currently trying to plan a trip. We have a couple places in mind so far! These trips are always the best!

-Girls weekend on the town: We are over due for this! My friends from college and I try to plan weekends on the town from time to time. We choose one of our destinations and we all meet up for a weekend. Besides birthday weekends, our last adventure all together, was Labor Day weekend. It is on my list for us to plan another weekend this summer!

-Grad school: The fun part! (ugh) I have 3 grad school classes this summer. I am excited to get those started and get them over with. This will keep me super busy throughout the summer!

-Clean- out: So most people do “spring cleaning.” Spring is usually a very busy time for me. We are winding down the school year and there is a lot that needs to be done. I usually save cleaning out and reorganizing for summer when I have more time to fully focus on it. I have so many plans for re-doing and getting rid of stuff this summer.

-Read a good book: I want one day where I can just stay in pajamas or be by the pool and read a good book. That’s all. Everyone deserves a day of just do nothing right?

-Family time: I try to spend lots of time with family during the summer. My youngest brother is 9 years old so I like taking him places during the summer and spending time at home. Some of my family have passes for Carowinds this summer– I’ve got to get one! I haven’t been in years! We also like to be at the lake with Harry’s family during the summer.

-Baseball game: It’s just on my list! Harry loves watching baseball so we will have to go back for a Greenville Drive game or the QC to watch some baseball this summer.

-Birthday: I love having a summer birthday and getting everyone together in the summer to celebrate! I’ve said it before, but birthdays are such a fun excuse to celebrate and get everyone together.

My 25th Birthday

Chelsea’s 25th Birthday

-Box wedding dress: Okay, so I have been married for over a year now and I still have not had my wedding dress boxed. I know.. I’m way behind! It is still hanging in the original bag in the closet. That is on my list this summer!

-Work in classroom: Usually once we are in the middle of July, I start going back to work! I love being in my classroom before school starts. It is more of a hobby to me, to be in my classroom and get stuff done while no one else is in there. I love being crafty and reorganizing things.


I am soooo excited for summer! These are just some of the things I have thought of so far. Harry and I are still brainstorming. What are some other “must do” things that should be added to a good summer list?!

Have a great rest of the weekend!!


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