Incase you missed the social media overload this weekend, let me fill you in on those surprises. I had the most perfect weekend and thanks to my best friends, I’ll NEVER forget my 25th birthday. Birthdays are so fun!! They give you a reason to be around your favorite people and celebrate. If you have one coming up or are planning one for someone else, take notes on the recap below.


Before Harry left for the camping trip,

he surprised me with beautiful red roses


And the celebrations begin


Friday evening, everyone arrived at my place for a night out in Sparkle City

We have made countless memories over the years in this town so we kept the tradition going


I woke up Saturday morning to a surprise breakfast and presents!!


How cute are these glasses?!?! GLITTER EVERYTHING!


waffles and fruit…my favorites 🙂




We had too much fun with these balloons


Saturday night, they planned dinner at Ink and Ivy In Greenville (YUM)

They’re the best right? I am beyond grateful for these girls!

I really wanted to find the perfect birthday outfit for Saturday night but I never look to spend a lot of money on one outfit. I found my royal blue dress on the clearance rack at Express!! I love the quality of their clothes. I can wash them a thousand times, yet they still look brand new.


Oh and these shoes… wait for it.. wait for it.. Charlotte Russe!!

I know right, who would have thought!


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