Chelsea turns 25!

Remember my big 25th birthday celebration that my friends threw me last summer?  (See here: Surprise!) This week, Chelsea joined me in the quarter of a century club! WooHoo! 25 is a number that is worth celebrating!!

One of the million things I love about my friends, is that we are separated into all of these different cities, yet nothing changes. We plan weekend girl trips that are the BEST and birthdays are always a BIG reason that we all come together!

Chelsea has always loved birthdays, even if it is not her own! Birthdays are her favorite holiday. (yes, I said holiday) So we packed up and went to visit her for a weekend in Charleston!


We wanted to start the birthday weekend off with something fun and a surprise, so we had a flower arrangement sent to her work from the *sparkle city girls!*

Friday night, we arrived pretty late so we had a super chill night. We stayed in and talked and caught up on life while watching movies. By movies, I mean The Blind Side. It literally gets to me every time I watch it and I’ve watched it a thousand times!

Saturday morning, we had a little birthday celebration at her place with a cookie cake, candles, balloons, and mimosas for her! I have a big sweet tooth, the cake was yummy!!

We were able to reuse the cute little sparkle glasses that were made for my birthday weekend. I found her the cutest little workout tanks for her gift!!


After that, we headed out the door and met her mimi and sister for lunch at Mellow Mushroom. (Thanks Mimi!) Then, we went to the Taste of Folly Festival. It was a lot of fun, there were so many people, cute little dogs everywhere, and we sat on a rooftop and shared more secrets of life!

Finally, it was time to head back and get ready for the night. We had dinner at a cute little place in Charleston called Scarecrow with some more of her friends and we ended the night at a few of Chelsea’s favorite places!


I told you birthdays are fun! More sweet memories to last a lifetime!


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