Hair Essentials

 I have discovered quite a few hair essentials that I can’t live without. I’ve never been one to use a bunch of hair products for fun but I really found purpose in all of these.

My all time favorite dry shampoo is psssst! A couple years ago, I got my hair done at Salon 8 in Charlotte and the stylist told me about this magic in a can! It is awesome, it doesn’t change the way my hair feels, and it is the only dry shampoo that I have ever used. I don’t see it at many places but I always find it at Rite Aid!

I use to wash my hair every other day.. when I discovered this, I stopped doing that! I only wash my hair once or twice a week now and my hair has grown SO, SO much since I started that routine.


My friend AnnaVee introduced me to macadamia oil a couple years ago. It’s a healing oil treatment used to make your hair shiny, smooth, and healthy. I use it after I wash my hair. (the amount I use is only the size of a dime) It could also have something to do with hair growth but I have always heard that oils are good for your hair, so I add in a little!


I live by its a 10!! The miracle leave in spray plus keratin is amazing! I have been using it for years. It does 10 amazing things that are listed on the back of the bottle but my favorite thing about it, is how it detangles my hair. I recently started using the leave in potion. My favorite thing about the potion is how it takes ALL of the frizz out of my hair. Plus, the keratin adds the protein back into your hair that you loose if you color treat your hair.


This last product is for blondes!! Anytime, I feel like my hair is starting to look dull– this stuff does the trick! Go blonder lightening spray by John Frieda. I love a lot of the John Freida products but this is my favorite!! They also make a line of products for brunettes!

Favorite Shampoos:

Until next time… Have a FABULOUS FRIYAY!


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