Life Lately

March 1st… already? Stop! I feel like we just celebrated the New Year and now two months have already passed.. that is crazy! Here is a little “life lately” and a glimpse into our lives over the past few weeks.

-Harry and I celebrated Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago and decided to try out a restaurant in Spartanburg called, The Peddler. It’s a very popular place but I had never been before. It was delish!

-We have celebrated LOTS of birthdays lately!

Harry’s friend Mac turned 25 and we celebrated with a group of their close friends in town

(I failed to get a picture from Mac’s birthday)


My sister turned 28 this past weekend so we went to Charlotte to celebrate with her. We had dinner at Pisces Sushi and it is always amazing! We continued the night with lots of laughs and dancing.


AnnaVee turned 24 on Sunday!! Every Monday night, we have girls night where we watch bachelor and catch up on life, so this week we made dinner and cupcakes for her birthday. & of course there were cute balloons!

Speaking of bachelor… who do you think Nick will pick? Am I the only one who reads ahead?


Today is my mom’s birthday! She deserves the best day ever and we are looking forward to celebrating with her this coming weekend  in Clover!

-In between celebrating birthdays, work, and our normal day to day life, I caught the flu last week. It seems to be going around this year and it was not fun! It was more than a “ehh I don’t feel so good.” It was actually pretty terrible but Doctor Ace never left my side!


Ace is the best! He also had a birthday and turned 4 at the end of January. We took him to his favorite places… Brusters and the park! My mom also sent him a package in the mail. It was like his very own bark box!

-I’m about two months into grad school now. It’s going well so far, nothing too hard yet, its just keeping me super busy. When I get home from work the day isn’t always over when grad school is calling! It’s time consuming but nothing I can’t handle. (this is my daily reminder to myself)

-We’ve been reading a book called, Draw the Circle: 40 Day Prayer Challenge by Mark Batterson. Harry’s godmother gave us the books a couple years ago and I’ve started reading it in the past but to be honest, I never finished it. This time, I wanted to be intentional about it so we’ve been holding each other accountable and we have been reading it from day 1. I’m on day 25 and it is amazing!! It really makes you think about your prayer life, being intentional, and trusting in God’s plan.


I hope all of you are having a great week! Until next time!!



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