The Bachelor

It’s Monday night and usually my Monday nights are something like this:


However, Nick’s season ended last week when he picked Vanessa (who I adore obviously because she is a teacher) and we have 9 weeks to go until Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. I don’t watch a lot of TV but this is the one show that I don’t think I have ever missed an episode of for as long as the franchise has been around. Since we are in the off season, I decided to share some of my favorite things from Bachelor history.


It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t start with my favorite person to ever come from the show. Everyone knows Emily is my fav and that is simply because I think she is a class act! She has a very inspiring story who started the show as a contestant on The Bachelor and then later became The Bachelorette. In her book, she shares her journey about how she said yes to two proposals on the show and both times it didn’t work out, but the most life changing yes she has ever said, is to a relationship with Jesus. She is now married to her husband who she met at church and they have 3 kids! Her daughter Ricki and two sweet boys, Jennings & Gibson. I highly recommend her book!

She also spoke at her church, Forest Hill, in Charlotte about her experience.

Emily Maynard speaks @ Forest Hill

Emily’s blog: EmilyMaynardJohnson


Next, Sean and Catherine! My favorite couple from the show and one of the few couples who have lasted. I just love them. I love that Sean stood firm on his Christian beliefs while on the show. In his book, “For the Right Reasons” he shares his talks that he had with Catherine on the show about his relationship with the Lord and even conversations that they had off camera. They have been married for several years and now have a little boy, Samuel. I truly believe they have lasted because they center their relationship on Christ. Also, Sean has the cutest family!!


Is his family not the cutest?! His sister Shay is married and they have two biological children and they adopted 2 precious daughters from China. (This picture was before they adopted Madely from China and before baby Samuel came along) Shay shares all about adoption in her blog which I love!!

Shay’s blog: MixandMatchMama

Watch Sean’s video: I am Second


Andi’s seasons was so entertaining! I liked her as a contestant on Juan Pablo’s season and she made a great bachelorette during her season. I think she is hilarious. I have recommended her book to several of my friends. She talks about her break up, how she dealt with it, and how anyone going through the same thing can handle it! And even if you’re not going through a break up.. you are guaranteed to laugh if you read it!

I know, I know.. I’ve read too many bachelor books! Whatever!


Now to the good stuff.. keep reading!!

A lot of you have probably wondered at some point.. “what is the casting process for this show really like?” Well my best friend Chelsea can tell you!! Read her story on her blog:

Chelsea, will you accept this rose?

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