Current Make- Up Routine

Hey, Hey!!

Happy Friday Eve!!

It’s been quite a while since I blogged about my current make- up routine, so today I’m doing just that!

All of my make- up stays in my top bathroom drawer!

My make- up brushes stay on the bathroom counter in a little crystal vase that belonged to my grandmother! 🙂

My brushes are a combination of brushes I’ve found here & there that I like!

Below, I’m sharing my go- to products that I’m loving & grabbing from the drawer to use in my Current Make- Up Routine!

1.NYX Finishing Spray– I spray this on before starting my make- up and again once my make- up is finished.

2.CC Cream by It Cosmetics I’ve used this for years!! It never breaks me out and gives a great amount of coverage for an everyday look! I’ll also use the Full Coverage Foundation by It Cosmetics when I have an event or somewhere special to be!

3.NARS Concealer– I’ve used this concealer for years!! It’s the best I’ve ever used! I use shade: vanilla

4. NARS Bronzing Powder– I love this bronzing powder to contour with! It lasts me forever too!! I use shade: laguna

5. NYX Finishing Powder– This product is not shown above but sometimes I will use this if I feel like I need to blend anything after foundation + contouring!

6. MAC Fluid Eyeliner Gel– I’ve used this for years as well! I love it because it doesn’t crease!! Ever! A little goes a long way and the jar lasts me forever!

7. Tarlette Eye Shadow Palette– This is my current go to eye shadow palette: bloom! The colors in this palette are so fun & great for every day!

8. Mascara– To be honest, I’m not super picky about my mascara, as long as it’s not ending up all under my eyes at the end of the day! I’m loving this super affordable mascara by L’Oréal!

9. Brow Pencil– I’m also loving this super affordable brow pencil by a brand called, Morphe! Brow pencils in general don’t always last very long so I love that I’ve found an affordable one that I really like!

10. Blush– I don’t always wear blush everyday! Mainly because I have some rosacea, meaning my cheeks tend to be a little pink anyway. On the occasion that I am wearing blush, I use this affordable one by NYX called sweet cheeks!

11. Tula Glow Highlighter– This is my go to highlighter!! The eye brightener glow stick by Tula is amazing!! I typically throw it in my purse when I’m going out! It’s my favorite make- up product that I own!

12. Lipstick– I use a lot of different shades/ brands of lipsticks. I love lipsticks by MAC! Lately though, I’m loving this affordable one by Maybelline. It’s the perfect shade of pink for spring/ summer! I’ll typically grab a lip liner that matches my lipstick shades at the local drug store! I’m not too picky about those either!

And that’s it! Those are my go- to items in my current make- up routine!

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Current Make- Up Routine

I’ve shared this cosmetic bag before but it’s my go- to when traveling and I need a bag for all of my make- up! The quality is amazing! My favorite is that the inside is red! It’s the perfect and affordable LV dupe!

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Okay, that was a fun post to end the week!!

*Have the best weekend and I’ll be back on the blog, Monday!*

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