This & That Thursday

Hey, Hey!!

How is everyone’s week going! I am counting down the days til summer break over here! Bring on all the summer things, we are ready!!

Today, I am sharing a bit of this & that from our week:

Here we go!

This Week: For the past week & a half, I have been face to face for work due to state testing! It was a fun time with coworkers and students! Lots of memories were made!Summer countdown is really on now!

Looking forward to: We are heading down to the beach mid week, next week for Memorial weekend! I am so looking forward to being back!! The beach really is Brewer’s happy place! The beach is perfect for his age because it’s a big space to just run!

Currently Dreading: Okay… I try hard to stay on top of the laundry so it doesn’t get out of control. I like to do a load of laundry a day to keep the laundry going smooth around here! However, with me being on a different work schedule the past, almost two weeks, somehow the laundry got out of routine. Soooo that is on my to- do list over the next couple of days! Yay me…

Reminiscing On: Aww! Mother’s Day!! This past weekend, I celebrated my second Mother’s Day! Friday night, the boys & I had dinner in downtown Greenville at one of my favorite places (Trio), Saturday, we spent time at the lake with Harry’s family, and Sunday, we spent time in Clover with my family! The boys also surprised me with sweet gifts & cards + Harry made dinner on Mother’s Day night! I’m a lucky lucky girl! I’m so thankful for my Brew Bear who made me a mommy!

Watching/ Reading: I started this book last summer or maybe the summer before?! But, i never finished it! #momlife I have it in my kindle waiting to be read so I’m excited to begin this book again at IOP during Memorial Weekend!

Listening to: It you open up my Apple Music, this is what you’ll find on my recent playlist.. a bit of country, a bit of Christian music, and the Toy Story soundtrack for Brewer! Lol

What’s on the Menu: This was the meal that Harry made on Sunday night for Mother’s Day! Salad, grilled chicken, pasta salad, and fruit! He’s the best y’all! We had left overs too! In general, we like to fire up the grill on a Sunday and be able to make meals with what we grill during the week!

I’m Loving: I talked about this recently on the blog when I shared my current make- up routine: the cooling and brightening eye balm by Tula. I love this product year round but especially in the summer! A highlighter that’s also cooling for my skin, yes please!! I love the glow that it gives! It’s a product that I never like to be without!

Shop Here!

Current Make- Up Routine

Weekend Vibes: This weekend, we are heading to Clover for a family event with lots of extended family! I’m so excited for that! 🙂

Bible Verse: As always, I love to end This & That Thursday, with some Bible wisdom! I thought this verse was appropriate with lots of graduations coming up! No matter where you are in life, stop, breathe, and know that He has a plan for you that is far greater than we could ever imagine!


Okay, that covers a bit of this & that from our week!

*I will be back here tomorrow for Fab Friday!*

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