Tell All Tuesday: Friendship

Hey Friends!!!

I am on spring break!!! Ahh!!

I did not blog at all last week because well, life happened leading up to spring break! But I am back on track and I have 3 fun blog posts this week AND 3 fun blog posts next week to make up for it! YAYY! SO much fun left to get to on the blog this month!

I’m SO excited for this month’s, “tell all” topic!

I am talking about FRIENDSHIP!!

Aww!! I’ve wanted to do a post like this for so long because I love all of my friends so, so much! I thought what better time of year to talk about such a happy topic than the season of spring- which is also just a happy & fun time of year!

I really have been blessed with such AMAZING friends!! I’m fortunate to still have friends from every walk of life- some from childhood, some from college, some from jobs/ career paths, and some from my adult life including: motherhood, church, etc!

I truly believe that we are not meant to do life alone! Friendships are gifts from the Lord and I value each one. So how do friendships work?

Friendships can take work and prioritizing! I know this is how the friendships in my life work- there is effort being put in on both sides!

We are all busy with family, careers, and just life in general. It’s so important to set aside that time for dinner with the girls, the trips, making the phone calls, and making a constant effort to do life together! We also respect when life things happen and plans, etc need to be rescheduled!

My closest friends & I know that we can reach out seeking prayer or advice and we’re going to be there to listen! And we will be praying for each other!! Find those friends who will be just that for you!

How do you meet friends? My closest friends have come from all parts of life. More ideas are to join a small group at church, ask that coworker to go to dinner, find the girls in your neighborhood, introduce your friends to each other, if you connect with someone local through social media- meet them for coffee, and plan the girl nights!

It takes coming out of your shell & putting yourself out there to make friendships happen but goodness, it is so rewarding! My cup is always full after some much needed girl time of fun, laughter, & girl talk!

Friendship doesn’t mean you need 5727483 people in your life! Lol. Find those few, 5, 10, or 15 people who pour into you and who you can pour into! I heard once when I was younger, “if you can count your true friends on one whole hand, you’re blessed.”

You want friends who are just fun, friends you can be completely yourself around! I read a quote once that said, “be so completely yourself that others feel safe to be themselves too.” I think that’s what we all want out of a friendship, just genuineness!

Find those people who feel like fun, sunshine, & warmth!

I’m so thankful for mine.. including all of the ones not pictured too because we need new photos! Lol! 😉


Friendships should never be hard. If they are, I would say that friendship isn’t for you. Life is hard! Friendships should be that safe escape in life, not a place where life feels harder!

And it’s okay to not be everyone’s cup of tea and for everyone to not be your cup of tea! That’s what makes us unique.

Find your people to do life with! Friends really do make life SO much richer!


**I’ll be back on the blog, Thursday!**

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