Motivation Monday: Know that God will provide!

Hello, Hello!

Welcome to this month’s edition of, “Motivation Monday.”

I recently came across this verse in my morning devotion and it really stuck out to me and made me want to share!

“And God will generously provide all you need…”

Have you ever felt called to something but didn’t make the move because you feared that you lacked the tools, means, supplies?

I think that is a common human fear.

This is the thing though… if God calls you to something, He is going to provide! He already has this planned for you!

And if we don’t take those leaps of faith that we know God is calling us to, then we’re not being obedient to His calling.

He is going to come through for you because that is who He is!

I’ve had this conversation a lot lately with my bestie, Emily as we chat about life and the future!

God always provides all we need at just the right time. This can be a job, a move, a friendship, etc. These are all gifts from Him!

Emily and I talk a lot about how He brought us our friendship at just the right time. We met at the very beginning of motherhood! God knew we needed that and what a gift our friendship is!

Just like God gives us these gifts in life at just the right time.. He is also going to provide for you at just the right time, when He’s calling you to do something in life!

I always think about my job and how God blessed me with the most amazing work from home opportunity at just the right time, when I became a mommy. And he gave me the courage and everything I needed to make the transition. Now I get to do what I love, teach but also have the flexibility of being a mommy first!

That is just one of the many examples of how the Lord has shown up for me!

I encourage and motivate you to see something through & act on it, if you feel God calling you to something! It will be beautiful! God never fails His people. He keeps his promises!

*I’ll be back on the blog tomorrow!*

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