Tell All Tuesday: How I keep things holly jolly around the holidays!

Insert the music, “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year..”

I mean truly.. I feel all sorts of holly & jolly this time of year! If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that Christmas is my FAVORITE!!

Today, I wanted to do a post about the top 10 ways I keep things holly, jolly around the holidays!

I know this time of year can also be very busy! I hope these things also put you in the holly, jolly spirit!

My top 10 ways to keep things holly jolly:

Cozy decor- Nothing puts me in a giddy mood like cozy, Christmas decor! That’s another reason I decorate on November 1st. I like to get the most out of the most wonderful time of year!

See my annual Christmas home tour, here:

It’s Christmas at the Cochrans

Seasonal Candles- I love the smell of Christmas! Just the smell of it puts me in a holly jolly mood! I switch back and forth between Christmas cinnamon apple & Christmas tree scented candles!

Music- This is my favorite playlist on Apple Music! Give me all the Christmas music, especially the classics, and I’m a happy girl!

Movies– I typically do not watch a lot of movies or tv! That’s just not our thing around here. But, give me a good Christmas movie, glass of wine, and a blanket, and I’m all for it! I love cozy season!!

Festive wardrobe– Aww! I love to dress for the season too! I did a blog post on all the fun, Christmas attire- including the entire family, here:

What I Wore Wednesday

Bake goodies– I enjoy baking for the season too! Even the simple, right out of the box, cookies! I think it just makes the season extra festive to make things that go with each season!

Cozy, Christmas Book- I love a good Christmas book too! I try to pick something festive for the Christmas season to read! Can you believe I’ve never read the Christmas Shoes?! I’m loving that book this Christmas season!

Stay Organized & Make lists- Y’all also know that I am very type A when it comes to organization! Lol!! Grab a fun, festive mug and make some lists!! I have a list for who I’m shopping for, what I need to do, what I need to make, and all the traditions that I want to make sure we get to this season! I don’t necessarily write dates next to everything because I don’t want to feel like I’m rushing from task to task. I just cross something off my list once we’ve done it! And if there’s something that we don’t get to, that’s okay! The important things are at the top! 🙂

Focus on what’s in front of you– There are lots of things to do and people to see this season, I get it! I do my best to be “present” where I am and with what/ who is in front of me! Every moment is a gift and I want to savor it and not constantly be thinking about what’s next! I try to remind myself of this all throughout the year and especially the Christmas season!

Remember the reason- I did an entire blog post on this topic, last week! Everything about this season is magical- the traditions, the fun, the cheer, the lights, the music, etc.. but we wouldn’t have any of it and there wouldn’t be anything to celebrate without that sweet baby boy in a manger! Jesus is what it’s all about! Make sure you’re taking time to reflect on that this Christmas season!

Read more about that, here:

Ready for the Merry

I hope that left you in a holly, jolly Christmas spirit!

*I’ll be back here, tomorrow!*

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