This & That Thursday

Y’all… it is FALL!

Happy first *official* day of fall!

I mean, it’s been fall at my house since August 29th! But it still makes me giddy that the calendar now says it’s FALL!

Today, I’m sharing a little bit of this & that including some of the fall things we’ve been up to and the things we’re looking forward to!

Here we go:

This Week: This week we have been busy with lots of fun things! Monday night, we had dinner and a play date with our favorites, Emily & Judson! Meanwhile the hubbies were attending a men’s conference at church!

Tuesday night was the bachelor finale part 2 and I stayed up way too late for a Tuesday! And last night, Harry had a night out with the guys! We have some fun plans after work today, too! Read on….!

Looking forward to: All the fall things!!! We are several weeks into the fall fun over here and there’s still lots of things to look forward to! I love all the fall traditions and we’re loving these sweet memories with our Brew Brew!

You can catch my post about our favorite fall things, here:

Tell All Tuesday: Fall Family Fun

Currently Dreading: Haha. Laundry! Seriously! We’ve been up to so many fun things this week that the laundry kinda got neglected. I try to stay on top of it by doing a load of laundry a day! But this week, that didn’t happen. So today, laundry is going non stop before the weekend begins!

Reminiscing On: Aww!! This! We had a fun fall day with family this past weekend! We celebrated cousin Eleanor’s birthday, we went to the small town fall fest in Clover, and we went to the local pumpkin patch back home: The Peach Tree. I love making these sweet traditions & memories with family!

Watching/ Reading: Okay.. let’s talk about this bachelorette finale. Sean Lowe’s face said it all. Lol!! All of that arguing on stage was ridiculous. All you could do was laugh or cringe!

As far as reading… I’m hoping to dive into a cozy fall book this weekend!

Listening to: I heard this song while I was out running errands this week! It’s SO good. And when you really let the lyrics sink in, it brings chills. When Jesus went to the cross, he had YOU and ME on his mind. So humbling! It just makes me want to serve Him more for all of my days!

What’s on the Menu: I have not taken any dinner photos lately! Monday night, Emily & I had Groucho’s in downtown with the babies. Harry also wanted to cook a few meals lately! We’ve had grilled chicken and he made a baked ziti that was SO YUM! Harry definitely doesn’t mind helping out in the kitchen! Yay for me!

Currently Loving: This tunic top! I mentioned it in yesterday’s post as well:

What I Wore Wednesday

I bought it last fall and I’m obsessed! I really wear it all year round. It’s so easy to throw on with leggings and it comes in SO many colors.

Shop, here: Tunic Top

Weekend Vibes: We are heading out of town today for a fall weekend getaway to the beach!!! Ahh!! We are SO looking forward to crisp morning & evening walks along the beach this time of year! My heart is so excited!

Bible Verse: This is a verse that we have all heard before, many many times. Have you ever really let it sink in though? Have you ever really tried to live by it?! Emily & I were discussing this at dinner on Monday night. Sometimes it’s easy to think about all of the upcoming things and let the “to- do” list overwhelm us. But when we live by this verse we get to enjoy today. That’s why it’s called the “present” because each day is truly a gift!


That wraps up this month’s edition of This & That Thursday!

**Y’all have the BEST weekend! I’ll be back on the blog next Tuesday!**

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