What I Wore Wednesday

Hey friends!!

How are y’all?! My blog posts came early last week so it feels like I haven’t blogged in forever!!

If you follow me on Instagram (@kristencochranblog) you can catch all the “in the moment” fall things we’e been up too!

I’m excited for today’s blog post! I am rounding up some things that I’ve been wearing lately and sharing some of my favorite fall attire pieces!

Who else loves fall clothes?! I love the fall color scheme, I love the coziness of fall attire, and fall fashion can be super trendy & fun!

Recently, I wore this dress to the Apple orchard! It’s one of my favorite dresses to transition from summer to fall weather! I love the color burgundy this time of year too! 🙂

I couldn’t find this exact dress online. It was a TJ Maxx find and I’ve had it for quite some time! I did find some other similar transitional dresses in burgundy:

How adorable is this?! It still gives the high/ low look that my exact dress has. I’m also loving the sleeves and it’s going to be great as the weather cools off!

Shop, here: Burgundy Red Spotted Dress

I’m obsessed with this dress too! It has a pretty floral pattern like my exact dress. It can be worn with heels, booties, or tall boots this fall! I’m a sucker for a puff sleeve too!

Shop, here: Burgundy Floral Dress

Aww! This is my little fam last fall! It’s sorta hard to see my top in this photo but it is a fall staple in my closet! I love burnt orange colors this time of year!

My exact top came from the Mint Julep Boutique! They have this top on their site this year and is extremely similar to mine!

Shop, here: Rust Orange Babydoll Top

Here is a very similar version in green, also! I’m loving this color for fall! It’s still bright & fun!

Shop, here: Green Flowy Button Down

Another staple outfit in my closet this time of year are leather leggings, tunic tops, and sneakers!

You can totally dress leather leggings up or down! I wear mine on repeat. I’m wearing them in the picture above!

Shop, here: Leather Leggings

I own this exact tunic top and I love it! It’s extremely soft and I wear it on repeat because it’s just an easy staple piece to have in the closet! It also comes in a variety of colors!

Shop, here: Tunic Top

You can also shop my glitter sneakers, below! I mean if I’m going to wear sneakers, I should make them fun, right!!

Glitter Sneakers

Here is a similar pair that I’m also loving:

Pink Star Sneakers


Okay, that rounds out this month’s edition of, “What I Wore Wednesday.”

**Catch me back here tomorrow for a little “This & That Thursday” + it will be the first *official* day of FALL!**

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