Tell All Tuesday: Fall Family Fun

Hey, Hey! Happy Tuesday!!

Tell all Tuesday posts are so fun! I love taking a random topic and breaking it down to talk about!

Y’all already know how much I love fall and how much I love my family, so todays topic is super exciting! I’m combining those two favorite things to talk about…

Fall Family Fun!

I love this quote!

Fall really is just a sweet, cozy season! It’s a season to slow down and make fun memories with your loved ones!

Today, I am breaking down some of my favorite fun fall ideas that are great for the entire family to make memories:

1. Decorate- I always begin the season by decorating my home! It’s fun for me, it’s fun for Harry, and it’s so much fun for Brewer! He loves looking at all of the decor and playing with the pumpkins! Fall decor really does fill your home with cozy memories!

Yesterday, I blogged my annual fall home tour:

It’s Cozy Season

2. Festival- Attend some sort of fall or apple festival!! Just the magic that fills the air at a fall/ apple festival brings me joy! I love the excitement that everyone shares at a festival for the season!

3. Football– Nothing says fall like football!! Am I right? That is a constant in our house! Harry is the biggest football fanatic (specifically Carolina football!) Attend a game, watch a game, etc. Fall football really brings the season to life!

4. Apple Pickin’- Apples really are the fruit of the season! There is something so special about Apple Pickin’, Apple cider, and Apple cider doughnuts in the fall! It also feels amazing to be outside this time of year. It’s fun and sweet for the whole family!

5. Cozy Night at Home- I am OBSESSED with all things cozy! Cozy blankets, cozy Jammie’s, cozy candles, a cozy house, etc. There is nothing like a cozy night at home during the fall! Turn on your favorite cozy movie, bake something special, and make memories with your family!

Last year, I did an entire blog post on how I make my house cozy! Check it out, here:

Tell All Tuesday: All Things Cozy

6. Take Me to the Mountains- I love the mountains all the time!! I think there is something so humbling about being surrounded by mountains and God’s beauty of creation! I love the mountains a little extra in the fall! The leaves are changing, all the fall colors, it feels amazing, and just the beauty of nature this time of year! I highly suggest going for a drive to see the leaves change!

7. Bonfire- There is nothing I love more than a hoodie, cool weather, and a bonfire! Ahh! Just thinking about it brings me next level joy! Lol. Seriously, it’s an easy way to make memories around the campfire with your family & friends!

8. Pumpkin Patch- This was my favorite childhood memory of fall and it’s even more special recreating the magic with my own baby! Go to a pumpkin patch and be a part of all the activities: hayrides, corn mazes, etc! You will remember it forever!

9. Carve a pumpkin- Another staple family activity that will never be forgotten! This is me and my little pumpkin on his very first Halloween last year!

10. Halloween- Ya never know, you may get proposed to!! Lol! Harry proposed to me on Halloween night, in the rain, 8 years ago and it truly was the most magical night of my life! Dressing up for Halloween is just a FUN and light hearted holiday! We LOVE it SO much!!


Okay! Those are my top 10 favorite ways to create fun fall memories with the family!!

Please comment below and tell me your favorite fall activity!

You can also check out my post about all things FALL including attire, baby outfits, decor, recipes, and more, below:

Fall Magic Has Returned

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