A Day in the Life

Happy Friday!!

I hope you all had a great week!

I’ve blogged twice this week and I’m doing a bonus blog post today because last week was a holiday & I only blogged once that week!

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Today, is a “Day in the Life”- summer edition, post!

Yesterday, July 14th, 2022, I documented our day!

So grab your coffee, settle in, and see all of the fun & craziness around here this summer!

My alarm was set for 6. I hit snooze for about 12 more minutes! Lol

Then, I got up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, made some coffee, talked to Harry until he left for work, then I went outside to do my morning quiet time!

There is truly no better way to start the day!

Brewer was awake around 7:45ish!

Good morning, Sunshine!

Fun fact that I’ll always want to remember when I read these posts years from now: Every morning when I get Brewer up, we walk to his window, open the curtains/ blinds, and I tell him, “Today is the day that the Lord has made and it is good!”

It’s the little things that I want to treasure forever!

Then, it was time for a morning “baba.”

And we watched some morning cartoons!

We always go for a morning walk!

Another fun fact: A sweet couple in our neighborhood gives Brewer a cookie every day they see us walk by!

That same couple also gives us vegetables from their garden! They have an impressive garden! On this day, they gave us cucumbers!

After our morning walk, we came home and ate breakfast. This was Brewer’s breakfast and I also had a banana.

After breakfast, we had some indoor playtime!

Then, we began our, “activity of the day!” I try to do something fun each day to keep this sweet baby entertained + all the sweet memories that come with that! I also tell people.. if we don’t keep busy, my house will be upside down!! Lol!

Today’s activity was “Splish & Splash Thursday!” Brewer is obsessed with this little splash pad!

Shop, here: Splash Pad

Brewer had to bring out the bubbles too. He’s a big bubble fan!!

The flowers this time of year make me happy!

After all that water play, it was time to strip down and go inside! Lol

Someone was getting sleepy after all that fun. Lovie + his thumb, always! ❤

Lunch time!

I snacked for lunch, lol! I do that sometimes, just snack here & there!


After lunch, I rocked Brewer to sleep and put him down for a nap! Meanwhile, I did some things on the computer: emails, blog stuff, etc while I watched an episode of Sister Sister on Prime Video! Lol, summer you’re the best thing ever!

Notice it looks dark in my house.. that’s because I have to close all of the blinds at nap time so the dogs don’t bark at the mailman, amazon truck, etc. and wake up baby!

I also took a shower & washed my hair during nap time today! Excuse the mess on my bed!

I also used my brand new hair dryer because….

…earlier this week, Brewer was playing in my bathroom cabinets and he dropped my hairdryer on the floor just right.. and it cracked! Right.. how does that even happen?!

Thankfully this hair dryer isn’t all that expensive and I actually really love it! So I bought the exact same one!

Shop, here: Hair Dryer

When Brewer woke up from his nap, we went to Tutti Frutti for some froyo!

I think Brewer was fascinated by all the colors in this place! Lol, he was so excited! These summer memories with my boy truly are the best!

We had a package at the door when we got home!

New pillow covers for the back porch glider! We had these exact same pillow covers for about 3 years but they got super faded so I bought new ones in the exact same color!

Shop, here: Pillow Covers

We played with legos until DaDa got home!

When DaDa got home, we ate dinner (spaghetti), and gave Brew Brew an early bath!

We took Brewer on an evening walk in his jam jams!

This is my favorite part of the day! Walks to see the cows!

After our walk, we played in the living room some more!

Nashy Bear! Toys everywhere!

Brewer loves to play inside his tent when it’s almost bedtime! So this is what we did until it was time to rock him to sleep! He went to bed around 8ish!

After Brewer went to sleep, I turned on Legally Blonde because it was the 21st anniversary for the movie! Ah! Love this movie!

I didn’t make it through the whole movie! Shortly after, we called it a night!

And that my friends.. is “a day in the life” summer edition!

I hope y’all have a great weekend!

**Catch me back on the blog, next Friday! You will not want to miss that post!**

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