Motivation Monday: Live life with hope vs. being too realistic

Happy Monday, Friends!!

I hope y’all had a great weekend!

Welcome to July’s edition of, “Motivation Monday.”

Today, I’m going to talk about why I choose to live life with hope over being too realistic.

As a Christian, I believe that Jesus died on a cross for our sins, rose from the dead, and He is alive & risen today.

Maybe that sounds like a lot.. but do I believe it? YES.

Here is why…

God has performed so many miracles. We see it in the Bible when He healed a blind man, He turned water into wine, He fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread & 2 fish, + countless other miracles He performed.

I’ve also seen His miracles in my own life. I have found myself in hard situations of feeling hopeless but God always restores my hope. When I turn my worries over to Him, stop questioning His plans, & put my trust in Him, He always comes through for me.

I look at my life right now, today and I see God’s hand over everything that led me to this point: meeting Harry, becoming a mom, a job transition last summer, the people in my life, etc… that is all God!

These are all things I prayed over and He answered these prayers.

So yes, I’ll go back to this.. I do believe there is a God in Heaven who died on a cross for our sins and He is alive & risen today.

I motivate all of us to live knowing that God is risen today, knowing He has performed miracles, knowing He answers prayers, and knowing He will guide our steps.

We serve too big of a God to “question” and to “play it safe” and miss out on opportunities that we feel the Lord calling us to. Trust in Him with whatever you’re going through and have hope that He will come through for you. You don’t have to worry when you put your trust in the one who performs miracles!

Maybe you’re waiting to meet your person, or you’re waiting on what’s “next”, or you’re waiting on a new job offer, or maybe you’re faced with a decision today.. give it all to the Lord and that frees you from carrying the worry!

I’ve heard this before.. “You live like life is a Disney movie and everything is rainbows at all times.”

Well, things are not always happy like a Disney movie with rainbows here on earth…

BUT, I have hope in a God that goes before all things here on earth. We may not understand what He is doing in a moment but we will soon see if we put our trust in Him.

God knows all things. He is good. He can make all things good. Even situations that seem hopeless, He can turn into a victory!

And this is why, it’s important to live each day with hope! In return, you’re allowing yourself to have joy in every moment because you’re choosing to live with hope that God is working all things for good!

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