Tell All Tuesday: Organizing Baby Stuff

Hey, Hey!!

Happy Tuesday!

Welcome to July’s edition of, “Tell All Tuesday.”

For these posts, y’all know that I pick a fun, random topic to talk about. This months topic is… organizing baby stuff!

I have a 17 month old… how do I organize his stuff? His clothes? His toys? Diapers? What about clothes he has outgrown?!

It’s all in todays post!

I’m not super OCD about everything BUT I do thrive on organization. I like for everything to have it’s own place and stay neat/ organized!


Welcome back to Brewer’s nursery to talk all things organization!

To see the full nursery tour, tap below:

Baby Boy’s Nursery Reveal

Let’s start with Brewer’s closet!

All of Brewer’s “outfits” hang in here!

All of his outfits hang in order by size! I don’t have cute little size tags in the closet but I kind of know where they go when I’m putting away laundry!

I spy toddler Harry & toddler me!

How cool that we have similar photos at the same age?! These were displayed at our wedding reception and now, they sit on top of this shelf in Brewer’s closet!

Shop, here: Cube Shelf

The top left cube has things like socks, hats, mittens, etc.

The top right cube has his crib sheets!

The bottom left cube has all of his smaller stuffed animals & lovies!

The bottom right cube has all of his smaller, baby toys!

On the sides of the cubical shelf, I have boxes of diapers/ wipes, a few bigger toys, his pack & play, etc!


Now, let’s go to the baskets you saw at the top of the closet..

I have his sleep sacks in a basket!

All of the baby carriers in a basket

And his shoes are all in a basket!


Let’s move over to his dresser!

The top left drawer has all the baby essentials: powder, lotion, destin, etc! I found the little dividers at a dollar store!

The top right drawer has all of his teething rings, wubbanubs, and pacis (that he never really used! Lol Brewer only wants his thumb & a lovie!)

The left middle drawer has his onesie button tops. Left stack for short sleeve and right stack for long sleeve.

The right middle drawer has shirts, shorts, and pants that are not part of an actual outfit like those that hang in the closet!

The bottom left drawer is where all of his pajamas stay.

The bottom right drawer holds all of his swaddle blankets!

This little stand fits perfectly on the side of his dresser where we keep his wipes, basket of diapers, and his baby Bible books! Plus that sweet photo of the day we were getting ready to bring him home from the hospital!

Shop, here: 3 Tier Shelf


I LOVE that Brewer’s glider has a storage ottoman! Extra storage is always nice!

All of Brewer’s big blankets stay in there!


Now, let’s move to the toy box!

We do not have a play room at our house so having a toy box is key!

This is where the majority of his toys stay!

Shop, here: Toy Box


Brewer has accumulated lots of stuffed animals so we keep a basket for those next to the crib! Cute baskets that flow with the room are also key!!

I keep seasonal books displayed on the book shelves in his room to read each day. You’ll currently find summer books there!

We do not have a large book shelf anywhere in the house so all other books stay in a cabinet with doors in the garage! There’s a space for children books, Harry’s books, and my books!


I’ve mentioned this before but I do keep a basket of toys in the living room! I go to the toy box daily and switch out the toys for the living room. We roll our ottoman over and Brewer has a pretty big play space on our living room rug!


Okay, that completes everything inside the house!

So what do we do with all of those clothes he’s outgrown, things he no longer uses, etc?!

We have a pretty large attic and all of that stuff is stored away up there! His clothes are in big bins and labeled by size. Plus things he’s no longer using like his infant car seat, his jumparoo, etc.. it’s all stored away nice & neat in the attic!

I haven’t gotten rid of any baby clothes/ gear. I’ll wait until our family is complete one day! 🙂

**This is my second blog post this week and typically I blog twice a week BUT last week was a holiday week and I only had one post! Which means.. I’m adding 3 this week!! Yay! Check back here on Friday!**

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