This & That Thursday

Friday Eve!!

Who else is ready for the weekend!!

Today, I’m sharing my usual, fun “This & That Thursday” line- up from the below list!

We’ll cover Mother’s Day from this past weekend + what we have planned for the upcoming weekend + so much more!

Here we go!

This Week: Lately, we have been busy! All good things though! I’m winding down the school year and I’ve been at state testing this week at our local site, hosting students from my school! Harry is also winding down the school year at the college! Aside from that, we have been enjoying LOTS of time outside! Brewer could play for hours outside in the backyard! It’s his happy place for sure!

Looking Forward to: It’s wedding season!! We had the best time celebrating Emily & Hudson this past weekend!! We are looking forward to another fun wedding in a couple of weeks!

Currently Dreading: Lol…. This meme! Brewer is not a fan of long car rides. By that I mean anything over an hour. We have one coming up this weekend so we’ll see how that goes! Lol wish us luck!

Reminiscing On: This past weekend was my second Mother’s Day!! It was wonderful! Harry made breakfast Friday morning to begin the weekend! I had a morning Starbucks date with my boys Saturday morning. Then, we spent Mother’s Day in Clover with family! We ended the night with lots of Brewer snuggles! There is nothing greater than being his mama! It is my greatest joy!

Watching/ Reading: I told y’all last month that I was getting ready to begin this book! So far, I am loving it!! It’s the perfect book for spring, summer, or vacation!

Listening to: If you open my Apple Music, you’ll see a lot of this! Just summer, feel good music! Ahh, summer is calling my name!

What’s on the Menu: We have been using the grill a lot lately! This week, we had some laid back dinners outside on the back porch! We love eating outside, especially Brewer!

I’m Loving: Brewer’s cute little water shoes!! He will be using these this weekend!

Shop Here: Baby/ Toddler Water Shoes

This Weekend: We are headed to the coast for a weekend getaway! We can’t wait to be back in Isle of Palms! Look at this cute beach baby from last summer!

Bible Verse: This one speaks to me!! I think there is so much joy all around us! We just have to open our eyes and look for it! There is so much joy to be found when we live each day to the fullest!

**Find my next blog post next Thursday, one week from today!**

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