Motivation Monday: Encouragement for Moms!

Hey Friends!

It’s May, it’s Monday, it’s Mother’s Day week! So many things!!

In honor of Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to share a little encouragement for moms + some Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Motherhood is so beautiful. What an honor it is to raise children, teach them, care for them, and know that everyday you’re making a difference by helping shape a little person’s life!

To the moms who have been moms for 20+ years, to the brand new moms, to the mommy’s to be, to the mommy’s who have angel babies in Heaven, and to the mommy’s who are waiting on God’s perfect timing to start a family, I think we can all be encouraged today!

I’ve shared this devotional before:

My sweet friend Natalie gave this to me when I was pregnant with Brewer! I absolutely love this devotional!! There is a scripture and a prayer for each day of the year!

Each prayer feels so encouraging, so I’m going to share one with y’all today!

Each day throughout the devotional is encouraging and a great reminder in a different way! This one encourages me to think about everything I do as a mom and do it with love, not because I’m trying to rush and check boxes.

What a great reminder to complete each daily task with love and not just go through the motions. When we do things in love, we allow ourselves to benefit from each moment. You’re creating memories, you’re teaching, and filling your heart with joy when completing the million mom tasks in love!

I think this is a great reminder no matter what season of motherhood you’re in, even if you’re in waiting. We can all prepare our hearts for the many tasks to come in the name of love! Not only motherhood though, we can complete ALL tasks (our jobs, being a wife, household chores) in love! Think about how our attitudes change when we do things in love & gratitude!

If anyone ever asks what’s my number piece of new mom advice, I always say, “Soak. It. In. Cherish every moment! Those 3 am newborn snuggles are everything! These baby days are precious. Even in the tired moments, stare at your baby and take in the special gift that they are!

You can shop the devotional, here:

A Prayer a Day for Mothers

The devotional would make a great Mother’s Day present! Here are a few other gifts to consider for Mother’s Day:

I shared this piece by MacKenzie Child on last week’s Fab Friday post! Add an orchid and any mother would appreciate this gift!

MacKenzie Childs Flower Pot

This backpack can be used as a purse or a diaper bag! I love this fun color and it also comes in several neutral colors!

Women’s Backpack

You can never go wrong with a pair of pajamas!! Nothing says, go relax mama like a nice pair of pj’s. I have this pair of pajamas and I wear them alllll the time!

Pajama Set

Jewelry is always a fun idea!! These come in lots of different colors! I like the pink because I think they can be worn with so much! They’re super affordable too!



Okay, I hope you feel encouraged and I hope you also found something that your mom will love! If you’re a mom, give your husband a hint with these gift ideas! Lol

You’re doing AWESOME mama!! No matter where you are in life!

**Catch me back here tomorrow for a, “Tell All Tuesday” post!**

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