Tell All Tuesday: Healthy Habits

Hey, Hey!! It’s the first Tuesday of May!

This month’s edition of, “Tell All Tuesday,” I am talking about our family’s healthy habits! Specifically healthy food habits!

Now, this post is NOT going to be mind blowing, lol! I have never been a health enthusiast who follows all the diets and rules. BUT, there are some healthy habits that we do implement.

These are a few little things that we do around here:

1. We meal plan and grocery shop on Sundays! We always plan out healthy-ish meals! Grilled chicken, salmon, veggies, & things like that! Not a lot of processed or fried foods! Having a day/ time set aside to plan a list and get groceries is helpful so that we’re not scrambling on a week night to plan dinner and then end up eating something totally unhealthy! Planning ahead is key!

Dinners from this past week:

We did have brown rice with this meal! I’m not a big fan of white rice.

Grilled shrimp and veggies. I learned a long time ago that a meal should have lots of color. Too much of one color on a plate is probably not good for you!

2. We definitely limit fast food! We rarely go through a drive thru except Chick Fil A! Also making a list of meals for the week will help limit how often you eat out.

We try our best to cook during the week so we can have date nights out on Fridays!

3. Water! You will not find anything except water, milk, and orange juice in our fridge! We drink lots of water here. We are not a fan of soft drinks. We do drink coffee and occasionally, wine! Even when we have date nights out, we order water (& maybe wine!)

4. Limits! We just always have limits with ourselves. I control my portions. (Not Harry! He eats for a family of 4 alone! Lol but he does eat healthy!)

We don’t order anything super unhealthy on date nights.

I’ve always had a big sweet tooth but if it’s not in my house, I won’t eat it! Lol. So, we absolutely do bake cookies & things BUT we bring minimal sweets into the house!

5. Stay active! We do not have strict work out routines but we constantly move our bodies! We are always out walking as a family in our neighborhood, local trails, local tracks, etc. Harry works out weekly in our garage and I do weekly workouts here at home with my weights, my yoga app, and workouts that I’ve grown to love over the years: crunches, lunges, etc! Stay active by doing things you love!

Okay, so I told y’all this post would not be mind blowing! But I do believe when you make little adjustments in your lifestyle to stay healthy, it will make a difference!

I’m not a big fan of diets. I can never stick to one. Lol! Plus the minute I tell myself, I’m on a diet is the minute I want something I can’t have. Just incorporate healthy habits and make it a lifestyle change! Those changes add up and will make a noticeable difference in the way you feel!

**Find my next blog post, next Wednesday!**

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