Hosting Guests


Aww!! I just love this time of year SO MUCH!

If you’re like me, you love attending all the things and you even host some yourself!

Today, I’m giving all of my tips I’ve used for hosting guests!

Starting with… a good serving tray!

This tray was a wedding gift to us and I think I use it for every event I host! If you’re having snacks, put it on a pretty tray. If you’re having appetizers, a good tray comes in handy, and you can also use it for part of a main meal!

I’ve hosted different things over the years where sometimes it’s a little hang- out movie night with just snacks. I’ve had appetizer parties. We’ve also had some dinner parties. Sometimes we do it all ourselves while other times, we have help!

I’ve also learned that it’s okay to let people help you! If other people offer to bring something, it’s okay to say, yes! They will enjoy making something and you will enjoy having help!

I like things to be cozy and inviting! I keep throw blankets all around the house!

Read my post about all things cozy, here:

Come on in and Cozy up!

Good lighting! I’m all about lamps. I rarely have an overhead light on. If we have guests over for dinner, of course, the main light in the kitchen is on. Otherwise, I think there is just something inviting about lamps!

Personally, I love candles. I am picky about certain scents but I do love a good seasonal scent for fall or the scent of cinnamon apple for Christmas!

Some people just like the scent of cleanliness!

Of course, if something good is cooking in the kitchen while hosting, I may not light a candle at all. I just like the scent of whatever is happening in the kitchen!

I love to have light background noise. I will of course be jamming to a playlist like this for the next 2 months!

Other Tips for Hosting:

-I love to decorate for the holiday/ season/ occasion!

-Have something for kids to do! Prior to having Brewer, I always had little things for kids at my house like legos. Something to entertain kids who come over.

-Sometimes, just having dinner & catching up is enough for “entertainment.” While other times you may need something for guests to do: watch a football game, make a craft (kid friendly), go for a walk with another couple through the neighborhood, etc!

-The biggest tip: HAVE FUN! If something goes wrong, no one will care! They are just happy to be hanging out! 


These are some random photos from little things I’ve hosted over the years:

Girls night for, The Bachelor!

Mother’s Day Brunch!

Fall Play- Date!


Okay, those are my super simple, ordinary tips for hosting with family/ friends!

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