Come on in and cozy up!

I’m so excited!! Today on the blog, I am bringing you inside for a fall, home tour!

Gosh, I just love all of the cozy feels of fall!

(I’ll do my best to give shoutouts for where I found certain decor pieces! Most of it I’ve collected over the years!)

*All of my fall, front porch decor, came from Amazon a few years ago!*

If you were here in person, you would smell pumpkin spice candles all throughout my house, I would have apple cider in my hand, and Charlie Brown: The Great Pumpkin would be on tv!

I usually buy my pumpkins at local grocery stores!

I bought my mums at Costco this year! They’re so pretty and full + only $10.

Now let’s go inside and cozy up!

I added a touch of fall to our entry way!

Welcome inside!!

(Psst… we just replaced our glass coffee table with this storage ottoman on wheels! It’s going to be more beneficial with a baby around the house! We are in the process of getting the top fabric recovered!)

Fall pillows make me happy!

I told y’all Charlie Brown: The Great Pumpkin would be on our tv! LOL!

I found this fall garland at Kirklands. I love the golden leaf color!! I added some white pumpkins around it!

I found these pumpkin pillows for our chairs by the window at Target!

Here is a better view of the pumpkin pillows + the cute little pumpkin in front of the pillow!

..and there’s that pumpkin spice candle. I love the smell of fall!

I’ve had this white pumpkin on our ottoman tray for years! I probably found it at a home good store!

Hey, Mr. Pumpkin!!

I’ve had this jack-o-lantern for years!!

Welcome to the kitchen!

My glass jar came from Target. It stays here year round and the stems came from Hobby Lobby!

I added some more white pumpkins to our kitchen island!

I’ve had the little leaf tray for years!!

This cozy little nook in the kitchen makes me happy! I found the little green pumpkin at Hobby Lobby!

I came across these fun dish towels at TJ Maxx this year!

Welcome to the other side of the kitchen!

My little harvest collection maybe came from Hobby Lobby? I’ve had it for some time!

I spy Mr. Scarecrow on top of the china cabinet! It reminds me of Elf on the Shelf except its a scarecrow lol and scarecrow stays in one place!! LOL

I actually found this cute pumpkin while browsing at Kohls one day! Odd because I actually never shop at Kohls. I went in there for something specific and saw this pumpkin & thought, you should go home with me! LOL!

We keep our wine in the corner on this gold/ white stand! I found the little Halloween cube at Home Goods!

Welcome to our room! It pretty much looks like this year round!

I added this pumpkin pillow to the little nook in our room! Pillow was found at Target!

Peep, a cute little pumpkin!

You’ll find little touches of fall like this in our bathrooms!

It’s my favorite room in the house- Brewer’s room!!

I’ve had the cute little boo pillow for years!

His book corner is ready for fall/ Halloween!

I love displaying seasonal books! I’ve collected these over time! #teacherheart

Peep… the little pumpkin that Brewer found at the pumpkin patch!

Brewer needed a little light- up jack-o-lantern for his room, right!? He’s just so cute on Brewer’s dresser lol!

I love the little reminder that it’s fall in our hallway!

I spy another little pumpkin in my office!

These little pumpkins make me happy! They probably came from dollar spot in Target!

Boo! I love having touches of the season in the area that I work each day!

This pillow was found at Kirklands!

Let’s go out back!!

A few more pumpkins!

I like traditional orange pumpkins but also the white and light blue/ green pumpkins too!

I can’t wait to put this fire pit to use this fall! My mother in law gave me the pillows back here. I love that they look great year round!

There’s just something special about the fall! The crisp weather, the fall leaves, the smell of fall, the traditions, the coziness, I mean.. I could really keep going!

Okay, that completes our fall home tour!

Recently, I talked about all the ways that I like to keep things cozy! Check that out, here:

Tell All Tuesday: All Things Cozy

Happy fall, y’all!!

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