My Office & Organization

Hey friends!!!

Today on the blog, I am talking all about, “my office” and working from home!


It was so important for me to have an office space that was organized yet comfy to work in each day!

When I taught at a brick and mortar school, I took pride in a fun/ organized classroom! lol! That is just the “type A” personality in me. I’m very laid back about most things but I do like for things to look inviting and be organized!


My house is currently decked out for Christmas but I took some photos of my office prior to decorating!

This space has always been our guest bedroom/ office! I did some shifting around in this room to give me a bit more space since I now work in here every day!

Come on in!

Find my rug, here:

Natural Rug

These photos hang by the door as soon as you enter this room!

They make my heart so happy!!

This is my desk area! 

I have 2 monitors, a stack of a few favorite books, a photo of my sister & I, and a gold lamp from Target!

I actually found this desk at TJ Maxx of all places!

I found my pink chairs in this room at Wayfair! I can no longer find this exact chair but this is a very similar chair:

Pink Chair with Gold Legs

I had this shelf/ bins in my previous classroom, so now I have it in my home office with all of my teaching essentials!

Most everything I do is on the computer for virtual teaching, It’s really neat how I’ve been able to transfer all of these hands- on lessons to a digital platform! You can see that I do have a document camera so I can still show materials when needed. All of my “classroom items” from the years I’ve taught are organized out in the garage.

This mirror was also a TJ Maxx find!

We’ve tried to keep this room cozy for guests yet it’s still a roomy area for me to work in each day!

I also use this office space to let ideas come to life while I type blog posts! Often times, I lay on this bed and stare out the window while I blog- like right now! LOL!

I think this pillow was at Etsy find!

While I’m teaching, I use virtual backgrounds! This was my background I used for fall!


That wraps up my, “work from home” space!

Working from home is going well! It took a bit to find a routine but now, I feel like I’ve found my rhythm.

Brewer is at home on Mondays & Fridays! Harry works from home on Mondays and I’m not teaching live on Fridays. Those are reserved for other things! We figured out how to make it all work!

Again, having a fun yet efficient work space was key for me!


While we are on the topic of keeping all things, “organized,” I thought I’d share a few other ways I keep things organized around the house:

This is our pantry! I have everything labeled in simple little baskets. Nothing fancy, but it keeps things in order!

I keep all of the laundry room essentials in baskets that stay above the washer & dryer!

Find the baskets, here:

Storage Baskets


This is Brewer’s closet!

I store things in bins on the top shelf: his shoes and baby wraps

In the storage cubbies at the bottom, I keep smaller things like socks & hats!

This is our closet!

If you have a closet like this but still need more space, we added a bottom row on the left wall. Now we can hang two rows of clothes! We left the bottom of the back wall alone for shoe racks and longer hanging clothes like my dresses!


Okay, that wraps up today’s post! I hope y’all have the best day!

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