Motivation Monday: Have Hope!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Monday! What better way to begin a Monday than with hope, right?!


My house is fully decorated for Christmas and just a few days ago, I opened up my devotional book to this:

What better way to begin the holiday season than with a reminder like this?

Now every time I see a Christmas tree, I am going to be reminded of God’s love. The beauty of a Christmas tree are not like most trees. Their beauty never changes, just like God’s love.


I think that is an important reminder about what the upcoming holiday season is all about- God’s love and the hope that He provides. God can bring hope to any situation. If you are walking through something difficult, if you feel that you are at a stand still, or whatever the case may be- God provides hope in all seasons of life.

His love never changes. He loves us through every situation we walk through. It’s so important to remember that and endure things with hope, knowing God will always come through for us!

He has things in store for us and a better plan than we could ever dream. We just have to endure with hope and in the mean time, count blessings that He has already given!


I hope this provides a little bit of hope for you as you begin your week and remember it throughout the holiday season & beyond!

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