Tell All Tuesday: All things Cozy

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!

On this month’s edition of, “Tell all Tuesday,” I am talking about all things COZY!

AHH! Doesn’t this time of year just give you all the cozy vibes?!

I think that’s why I LOVE fall so much! It’s just such a cozy time of year. Today, I’m going to share how I keep things cozy at my house!

I love a warm, cozy, and inviting house all year long but especially this time of year! These are some of my tips for keeping things nice and cozy:

I make everything look cozy on the outside with comfortable seating, pillows and this time of year- I add in some throw blankets to my porch!

An inviting entry way makes things cozy + LAMPS!

I am NOT fan of big, overhead lights. I much prefer lamps on to keep things cozy!

Candles!! I love a good candle, especially in the fall and winter. I love to walk through the house and smell seasonal scents!

Now that I’m working from home, I usually work with a candle nearby + coffee!

I love this little cozy nook in our room! It’s great for reading. I LOVE to snuggle up with a book and blanket, especially this time of year. Just about everywhere you turn, you’ll find a throw blanket in my house!

Speaking of books, you can find a display of seasonal/ holiday books in Brewer’s room!

There’s just something cozy about a book, right?!

I also love having family photos around the house! There’s something warm and inviting about framed pictures around the house. This cozy little corner is found in my kitchen!

This time of year also has me thinking about cozy foods! I love walking through the house and smelling chili or something warm in the slow cooker!

Fun fact about our house: I almost ALWAYS have a fun, light hearted movie on in the background. We’re not big tv people so we’re not always watching what is on tv but I just love having something fun on in the background. Here we have Brewer and on tv, Charlie Brown: The Great Pumpkin!

Music! A light playlist always makes things cozy! I play a lot of Christian music throughout the house!

Outback, we have a firepit! Of course there is something cozy about making a fire, right?!

Pumpkins are the coziest of all! I snapped this photo last weekend when I bought our pumpkins!

That wraps up today’s post with all of my tips for keeping things cozy!

You saw some cozy snips of my house! I’ll have my fall decor home tour up later this season to share all of our fun fall + Halloween decor!

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