Motivation Monday: Rest

I hope everyone is having the best Labor Day weekend!! In honor of Labor Day, I thought today’s Motivation Monday post should be about rest and “no labor” lol.

If you had today off work, I hope you were able to take some time to rest. God says so much in the Bible about rest!

My mommy devotional book has a focus for each month! The focus for August was, “Rest.” Therefore, I just recently finished up that months devotion focus. It was so eye opening for me. At times, I think I have a hard time resting. I try to check so many boxes in a day and sometimes it leaves me feeling depleted. Over time, I have gotten better at remembering that as long as I’m doing my very best each day- it’s okay if everything is not completed!

(Fun fact: at night time, I’ll type in my notes on my phone, things that I plan to accomplish the next day. It helps when I stay organized like that BUT again, it’s okay if I didn’t get to everything. You have to live in the moment and not be so busy checking boxes & remind yourself, that you’re doing your best.)

I also have to have REST in order to fulfill tasks and live in the moment each day. You just can not pour from an empty cup.

Find my devotional book, here:

A Prayer a Day for Mothers



Below, are some of my favorites from the month:

Rest from placing so many burdens on yourself each day! This one was good. When we seek God’s guidance, he will show us the unnecessary burdens that we are placing on ourselves.

Sometimes, we even grow weary and tired from convictions we place on ourselves. Know that you can cry out to God, ask for forgiveness, and you will find rest in that!

I bet we all grow tired from facing burdens each day. When we are still & rest, we can find peace in knowing that He is God. He goes before all of our battles and he will help guide us through everything we face in life.

God is the only one who can bring an ultimate, unconditional peace to your life! Cry out to him and you will find rest!


I hope you felt encouraged today reading through some of these ways to find rest in all that we face each day. I especially hope that today, you are getting some physical rest and can wake- up tomorrow ready to tackle the week knowing God brings peace and rest.

This months devotions were so good for my soul!

This song below has been on repeat lately! It’s so good! Keep me in the Moment by Jeremy Camp:

Keep me in the Moment

See y’all back here later this week! Have a great Labor Day!!

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