Happy New Year!



How did everyone ring in the new year?

It seems to be becoming a tradition for us to stay in on New Years Eve! Lol

Last year, I had the flu on NYE and this year I was feeling way too pregnant to put on fancy clothes and leave the house! lol

So… cheers to take- out food & sparkling grape juice!

We did see some pretty fireworks in our neighborhood, throughout the night as well!


There’s something so exciting about a new year, right?

It’s a time for setting new goals & making a fresh start!

Now, I know a lot of people went into 2020 saying, “This is going to be my year!” and well.. we see how the year went over all. But then, I start to think about Jesus.

You see, how can we expect anything to go right without allowing the creator to guide the way? Jesus also gives us a different perspective. We can all focus on negative things that happened in 2020 but with Jesus, he can turn

a mess into a message,

a test into a testimony,

a trial into a triumph,

and a victim into a victory.


Allow this to be the year that you allow God to work. Let him guide the way for you! And when trouble comes, he will not leave or forsake you! He will still be there!


I like to start my day with Jesus! I can tell a huge difference when I do that and when I don’t. He gives me a better perspective to cling to throughout the day. If you’re a mom or a mom to be, I wanted to share my new book that I began this morning:

As a first time mom, I’m so excited about this!!!

I’ll link it below:

A Prayer a Day for Mothers

This is another devotion that I love:

Trusting God Day by Day


Here’s to 2021 and allowing God to guide the way in all circumstances!

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