Tell All Tuesday: My Quiet Time

tell all tuesday

Yesterday, I blogged about prayer!

I think our nation could use all the more prayer and love right now!

Check out yesterday’s post, here: Motivation Monday: Pray

In yesterday’s post, I said that would be my only blog post for the week because I wanted to spend more time praying this week.

Well, I wanted to hop on the blog really quick today and share what exactly prayer and quiet time looks like for me!



There are 4 essentials when it comes to my quiet time:

1. Daily Devotion Book- My devotion book has a message for each day of the year and it correlates with passages from the Bible.

You can shop my devotion book, here: Everyday Bible Encouragement for Women

2. Prayer Journal- I use a simple journal to write down prayers that way I do not forget things I need to be praying about. It is also neat to write prayers down because you can look back and see how God has answered prayers.

3. Bible- After doing my daily devotional, I like to open up the Bible and read through a chapter that correlates with the devotion for the day. I also like to pick a book in the Bible and read a chapter a day to read a complete book of the Bible.

4. Journal for note taking- I love journaling about things I’ve learned in the Bible. It is great to have notes to look back on when you need encouragement. For example, I’ve taken notes on where to find scriptures in the Bible about kindness, patience, etc. My journal is an easy place to refer back to when I need some quick encouragement!


I love doing my quiet time first thing in the morning! It starts my day off right and I’m able to reflect on what I’ve learned all throughout the day!

I choose different quiet spots each day to have my time with Jesus!


Sometimes, it’s the kitchen counter!


Sometimes, it’s the chair in my bedroom!


Sometimes, I go outside for quiet time!


On Sunday mornings before church, Harry & I like to do our quiet time together. It is a way to start our week off right/ together AND also to talk to each other about what God has taught us during our personal quiet times over the past week!



I use to have my quiet time in my war room!

Read more about that, here: Establishing a Prayer Routine

Sometimes, if my closet is the only quiet place in my house that morning, I will still go there for my quiet time. BUT I have found that I like keeping my prayers in a journal and going different places for my quiet time. For me, it makes it easy so if I’m out of town, I can still take my prayer journal with me vs. my prayers being posted in my “war room” and I can’t see them while I’m out of town.

I like to take all 4 things: devotion book, prayer journal, bible, and note taking journal– even when I go out of town! Just put those things in a cute bag and sit out on a porch while you’re out of town with a new scenery for quiet time! It works for me!!


Now, tell me how you do your quiet time!!

I would love to hear your ideas too!!


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