Summer List 2020


I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!

Last week, was a tough week in our nation. There are just SO many things happening around us and there are lots of people hurting. I blogged about prayer last week because in my heart, I truly feel like that’s what we need more of. I also blogged about my quiet time and talked about how I pray & spend time with God each day.

Check out those blog posts, here:

Motivation Monday: Pray

Tell All Tuesday: My Quiet Time


Last week was my official first week of summer!! WOOHOO!

Quarantine rules have slowly been lifted around here so BRING ON SUMMER, PLEASE!!

These are some things that are on my summer “list”:


1. BEACH!! I can not wait to take a VACA! Anyone else?


2. Lake days are my fav!! I think we have finally reached summer temps around here and I just want to be by the water!


3. Read some light summer chic- lit books! Those are my fav in the summer!! I recently read a book review for this book and it sounds like something I want to read this summer!

Shop the book here: Feels Like Falling


4. Birthday Fun!! I can’t believe I’ll be 29 this summer.. like what? I love getting all of my friends together for a little celebration in the summer!


5. Work- out!! During quarantine, I’ve stayed on a pretty good routine with exercising. I want to stick to that all summer. My goal is to continue waking up early even though its summer. It’s amazing what all you can get accomplished early in the morning.. Anyone else?!


6. VIP Kid! I still teach online so I’ll be doing some of that this summer!


7. Get Nash 100% potty trained. He is making GREAT progress but we’re still not COMPLETELY there yet. The goal is for him to be fully trained by the end of summer!

Okay, those are 7 things that come to mind! There are other little things like take a day trip somewhere, have a lazy/ movie day, etc. etc. etc.!

What are some things you love about summer?!


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