Motivation Monday: Hold onto Hope

Hey everyone!!

I hope y’all had a GREAT Easter weekend!! We had a sweet weekend remembering the reason for the season!


This was our first photo as a family of 4!!!!

I love those boys so much!


Today I wanted to share what has been on my heart during this quarantine!

I mentioned this song in a blog post back when quarantine life first started: See a Victory

This song has played over and over so many times, in my mind. I truly believe that the Lord can take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for good!

I know times are difficult right now.. we can’t see family, we can’t see friends, we can’t have our normal date nights, a lot of people have lost jobs, a lot of people have been sick. All of these things are hard. very hard.

I always try to see the good in things because I believe that we can learn from every bad situation that comes our way. What if God is trying to teach us something through the worlds given circumstances?

Maybe, just maybe… God wants us to slow down and have time to focus on things that are important in life, like our relationships with HIM and time with the family that lives under our roof.


I wanted to share my devotion with you from this morning because it literally summed up everything I have been feeling…


I mean… Wow! My devotion for the day could not have been any more perfect and relatable to the worlds current circumstances.

The beauty of putting your trust in Jesus is that you can have hope during the good AND the bad times. God is always with us and he never leaves us. If we lean on his understanding instead of our own, we will always have hope!

Check out my devotion book here: Everyday Bible Encouragement for Women


God allows me to handle every situation that comes my way with hope and peace because that’s who God is! When you turn your trust over to Him, he will take care of things and He ALWAYS has our best intentions at heart!


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