What I Wore Wednesday: Blondie Tee

what i wore wednesday

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is having a GREAT week!

I had this thought earlier today: When we begin a week, we kinda have a vision for how the week will go, right? We know our plans for the week and what will be happening on each day. More times than not though, I get to the end of the week only to realize that some things did not go as planned!

This week has been no different, so far! I had a vision for how the week would go but then surprises came up- some good & some not so good. For example this week, Nash lost a tooth while chewing on Harry’s sock (thankfully it was only a puppy tooth) and today, we got word that we would not return to school for the remainder of this school year. (Sigh.. that was heartbreaking, although I know it’s for the best!)

Also though, there were good surprises this week! I had a long phone conversation with my sweet friend Chelsea on Monday to catch up, I had to stop by my school yesterday & I just got a new smart board/ white board for my classroom. I stayed for a bit to reorganize some things in the room around the new board. (May sound silly but doing things like that in my classroom is such a fun hobby for me.) Lastly, today I got a sweet package of bracelets in the mail that I’ll talk more about later this week!

Anyway.. I’m starting to ramble here! I guess my overall thoughts on that, were just to say that sometimes life is unexpected in good ways & in some NOT so good ways. We just have to know that life can be unpredictable sometimes, yet remember that God goes before everything in life! He knows our steps even before we make them. That alone makes me feel safe because I know I’ve given Him my life and he will always guide his people!


Okay, sorry for the rant! I don’t have many people to talk to being in the house all day, LOL! Onto today’s post…


This blondie tee is giving me life!!!


It can easily be dressed up or down!!


It can be paired with fun pants like these: White Flare Jeans

OR lately, I’ve been wearing this top with leggings around the house during quarantine!


It’s just so fun!!! Where are all of my blondie girls at!!


This exact top came from Southern Charm Gifts! I believe it was a really quick seller but it could potentially be restocked! They also have other blondie tees on their NEW WEBSITE!! 

That’s right! You can now shop my favorite boutique, here: http://www.southerncharmgifts.net


I’m linking some similiar options here, also:


Light Pink Blondie Tee


Leopard Blondie Tee


Catch me back on the blog tomorrow, for a “This & That Thursday” post AND Friday, for a “Fab Friday” post!!! That’s right, I’m blogging 3X this week!


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