Tell All Tuesday: What’s in your bag/ purse?

tell all tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!!

I hope your week is off to an amazing start! I have LOVED the sunshine over the past few days. When I check my weather app, I see rain for all of the forseeable future days. What in the world!!


This meme made me LOL!!!


Okay, now to my- “Tell All Tuesday” post!

I told you these posts would be random/ fun topics! Today I am talking about whats in my purse/ bag. Isn’t it funny, the things that we find interesting? I could sit all day and read random blog posts just like this!

I carry two bags every day- my purse & my work bag! Today, I’m going to share what I carry in both!


Let’s start with my purse!

I’ve had this black/ light pink, Kate Spade purse for quite some time! I do tend to change out my purses every couple of months & right now this one is on rotation!

You can find a similar one here: Kate Spade Purse


These are the random assortment of things that I keep in my purse:

– Kate Spade wallet that also matches my purse: find a similar one here: Kate Spade Wallet

-TWO pens- we always need pens when we are at church & small group so I keep two in my purse now!

-My “egg” as I like to call it, aka- lip balm!

-My “#1 sister” compact mirror/ brush LOL- my younger brother Ethan who is 12 gave me that a couple years ago and now I keep it in my purse at all times. It’s good to have a compact mirror/ brush that you can rely on! I’ve linked another compact brush from amazon here: Compact Mirror/ Brush

-Feminine Products

-Tic Tacs

-Hand Sanitizer- no germs, please!

-Hair tie/ boby pins- never know when you’ll need them!

-Perfume- I keep a random small bottle of perfume in my purse just incase I need to freshen up and I won’t be at home between going places! This bottle is from Victorias Secret but it’s not the actual perfume brand that I use when getting ready each day.

-Lotion- Again, I’m not that picky about the small bottle of lotion that I keep in my purse. I just like to have some on hand if needed!

-Lipgloss- I LOVE this lipgloss by NYX. It’s called Tiramisu. I usually throw my lipgloss/ lipstick that I’m wearing each day into my purse so that I can reapply throughout the day if needed. On this particular day, this is what I was wearing. Find it here: Lip Gloss

And that’s it!! Those are my go- to essentials that are always in my purse!

Now if I’m being honest, sometimes my purse gets messy and I forget to clean it out. When I finally do clean it out, I typically find earrings that have been lost for days, dry shampoo bottles, receipts, you name it! BUT, I do like to keep a clean purse MOST OF THE TIME!



Now, let’s talk about my work bag!

I’ve been using this scout bag ever since I started teaching 5 years ago! Its durable, sits up, has so many pockets for pens, etc! I LOVE IT!

You can find my bag, here: Scout Bags


These are the things that I keep inside my work bag at all times:


-A random assortment of pens, pencils, and sharpies


-2 flash drives // ya never know when one will go missing so I tend to save things to BOTH flash drives


-My lanyard- I always put this in my school bag each day after work so I don’t forget it the next morning!

-My green folder: This is where I keep my lesson plans for the week, etc.

-My planner!! I would be SO lost without this! I write EVERYTHING in here! Some people stay organized by their calendars on their phones/ email calendars. I’m more of an “old school” paper calendar person!

-A notepad! I always keep something to write notes on for meetings after school, etc.


This is probably the most random thing in my school bag. LOL! In 4K, we have a 3D art supply section so I try to save boxes at home and I throw them in this large size gift bag when I need it, to take to school. When I’m not using it, the gift bag stays in my work bag!



Since we are on the topic of bags, let me share one more bag with you!

This is my new lunchbox that I recently bought at Target! I’ve had several people ask about it in person so here’s a link: Leopard Lunch Tote


And that covers today’s post! What are some random items that you keep in your purse, work bag, or just every day bags? Please entertain me with your ideas in the comment section below!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday: What’s in your bag/ purse?

  1. Lisa Ramp says:

    In my pocket book, I always carry lip stick, sun glasses, eyeglasses repair kit, food coupons and hard candy. Plus the usual items.
    In my school bag I carry oatmeal and crackers . I also carry a cross and Kleenex plus some other general items.


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