Life Lately

Hey, Hey!!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a life lately post!

I try to do these posts every few months to update y’all on life! These posts are also kind of like “dear diary” posts for me! lol does that make sense? I think they’re cool to look back on over time to see what we were up to in life!

So without further ado…


Let’s start from New Year to now!

We rang in the new year at home this year because I had the flu. Since then, Harry has also had the flu! It’s been a winter of sickness. We are SO happy that spring is on the way!!

Check out this transformation in our kitchen!! Painting our kitchen cabinets has been at the top of my priority list since buying our house about a year and a half ago! We finally had this project completed in January! WooHoo!

It’s taken time to get our house exactly how we want it because I completely changed my color scheme and decor ideas when we moved here! It’s been fun completing our house step by step and I think we are getting close to being finished!


In January, we took a weekend trip to Charleston!


Ace is obsessed with the beach! He is in his happy place at the beach and the lake!


I also got to see these girls while I was in Charleston! We were fitted for bridesmaid dresses because our girl, Chelsea is getting MARRIED!! WooHoo!!


Look at my neice, Eleanor!


We went to my cousin, Sara’s pageant for Miss CHS! Isn’t she lovely!!


LSU won the national championship this year!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

This is me with some of my Clemson Tiger students on game day… I mean, at least they’re cute.. right?!


Ace turned 7!! We celebrated with all of his favorite things.. a trip to the pet store, icecream, and lots of running outside!


We are starting to have nice spring days!! AnnaVee brought Mason over to play in the backyard a few weekends ago! I’m loving these perfect weather weekends!! AHH 🙂


Mason also turned TWO last week! AnnaVee had the cutest “taco TWOsday” theme party!!


Of course, I’ve been watching The Bachelor on Monday nights!!


I had a fun viewing party with all of these amazing ladies, for a previous episode!!

Speaking of The Bachelor.. what do y’all think is going to happen during the finale this week? I can’t believe I have watched an entire season without knowing the definite ending!! The ending has not leaked this year!! Crazy! Y’all know me and my spoilers that I read… I know I’m not the only one!


We also had a fun girls night out with mom to see Celine Dion! Best. Concert. Ever.


Last weekend, we had a family night in Charlotte at Ashley and Logan’s house to celebrate Ashley and my mom’s birthdays!


I’ll end the photos with one more of this cutie!! I just love this sweet girl so much!!

Some things not pictured that we have been up to:

-We celebrated our 8th Valentine’s day together!! We went out for chinese this year!

-We joined an amazing small group at our church that has led to so many cool friendships! It’s so important to have people to do life with!

-We celebrated AnnaVee’s birthday at Bowen’s landing!

And that just about describes all that we have been up to since the New Year! Lots of friends/ family time with a little bit of this and that! So thankful to have all of these people in my life!


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