Thanksgiving Eve!!

It’s the Eve of Thanksgiving!


What does everyone do on the Eve of Thanksgiving?

I am thankful to have the rest of this week off work! I will be cleaning my house today. Although, we do not have family at our house for Thanksgiving, I still like a clean house on a holiday! Harry will be off work by noon today. We are going to do our own little Thanksgiving dinner tonight at our house for the two of us (plus Ace!).


We are so excited for tomorrow! Harry and I both come from big families. I’m one of 4 kids and Harry is one of 6 kids. That just makes family time so much fun!!


We will wake up early and watch The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade! I went by the Fresh Market and bought muffins and things to make mimosas tomorrow morning!


Then, we will arrive at Harry’s parents house early and spend Thanksgiving lunch with his family. Tomorrow evening, we will head to Clover to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family and stay the night!



I am responsible for taking a dessert to Clover for Thanksgiving! I went by Daisy Cakes in Spartanburg yesterday and picked up a red velvet cake. This is my first time trying Daisy Cakes and I’m so excited!! Daisy Cakes appeared on Shark Tank and I have heard nothing but great things about it!

If you need a last minute dessert, swing by there today! All of their cakes are frozen so you do not have to order ahead! They have lots of flavors but I’m a sucker for red velvet! 😉


If you are still searching for a Thanksgiving outfit, go by Southern Charm if you live local! I was in there this week and they have the cutest stuff: lots of sweaters, tanks & cardigans, bell bottom pants, etc!


I bought this poncho/ Shawl in Southern Charm last year and I wore it on Thanksgiving Day! They do not have this exact piece anymore but they have some similar items.


This whole outfit is from Southern Charm! They have it in stock right now!! I mean.. this sweater and these pants.. ahh!!

Like I said, stop by there if you need a quick outfit!



From my family to yours, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for! I can truly get emotional thinking about how God has blessed us. I am also very thankful for each and every one of you, who read my blog! Thank you for reading and coming back to my little corner of the internet. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


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