Fab Friday


Fab Friday posts are my favorite!!

In these posts, I always share 5 things that I currently find fabulous!

I recommend all 5 of these things for summer time!


1. Skin Ceuticals Face Lotion– It’s officially summer time!! (well according to me.. not the calendar) Therefore, it is time to lay out and be tan! I always struggle in the summer because I never tan my face.. EVER! The result of that makes my face look like a ghost compared to the rest of me. I love this face tanner because it works fast! If I need color on my face, I apply it at night and by morning, I’m tan! I also love it because it has very few ingredients and anything with heavy ingredients causes my skin to turn pink. Found on Amazon!


2. Bo Stegall Hydrovital Mist- This stuff is amazing!! I have been using some of the Bo Stegall products for a while and I love them because of the natural ingredients they contain. The vision behind this company, located in Greenville, is to use natural ingredients on hair and stay away from all of the chemical based products that cause hair damage. The mist can be used on hair and skin. I spray in on my hair after I shower and on my face each morning. It contains a formulation of Vitamin B & C, cucumber, sage, orange, rosemary, and aloe. It helps me feel rejuvenated while providing anti bacterial and anti inflammatory benefits. I can tell a difference after each use on my hair and my skin!


3. Midnight Blue Citrus- This candle!! Ahh! I love it! I have been searching for the perfect scent for our new house and I have found it! It has a light, clean, refreshing smell with a hint of citrus for summer! And the jar is so cute that it can be left sitting anywhere to be seen. Oh.. and the best part.. it’s on sale for $10 at Bath and Body Works right now!!

1 2

4. Lipstick- This lipstick is my new favorite! I came across it earlier this spring at Rite Aid. It’s called Pink and Proper by Maybelline. I’m always searching for a good shade of pink and this one is great for an every day look. It gives a subtle look, yet still pink and proper. I know I’ll wear this shade a lot this summer! I’m wearing this color in the picture above and below!


5. Pink Lemon Top- How pretty is this top! I love having fun pieces like this in my closet. I think it will look fabulous with cute jean shorts or a skirt this summer! I love the ruffled sleeves and the colors! Found at Southern Charm Boutique!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!



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