Life Lately

It feels amazing to be back on my blog today!!


I have been quiet in the blog world for the past couple of months and I have missed it SO SO much!

Today is my first official day of summer break (WOOHOO!) and it only makes sense to begin with a life lately post to fill y’all in on where I’ve been.



Grad School… check! This is the main thing that consumed my life this spring. I took 4 classes this semester which was a bit much while I was also teaching full time. The only writing I had time for were my grad school papers.

During this time, I also did a social media cleanse so I could focus on my school work without distractions. I went a week without any form of social media and y’all.. it was the best thing ever!

I am so happy to say that I am completely finished with grad school!



I wrapped up my third year of teaching yesterday. I am so thankful for this group of students! I truly could not have asked for a better class to go through this season of life with or a better assistant!

I brag on this group of kids all the time. They were sweet, they were kind, they were smart, they were hard workers, they were funny, they had so much personality, and I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to be their teacher.


This girl has been my work “twin” for the past three years. (really though, some of our coworkers still get us confused) We have made the best memories while figuring out this whole teaching world. From being scared on our first day of teaching three years ago, running across the hall to ask questions, all of the laughs (and some tears), she has become one of my life- long friends! Although, we won’t be teaching together next school year, I am so excited for her new adventure at her new school! I can’t wait to make more fun memories while we’re on break this summer!!



We recently joined our church in Spartanburg, Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church! For short, it is better known as The Mill. We attended this church for quite some time before we decided to join. I think we were fearful that we would join and end up moving from the area.

If you have been following my blog for a while, then you know that we have spent quite some time house searching. For a while, we were not having much luck. We kept thinking, well maybe we’re not meant to stay in the Spartanburg area. Then we would seek God’s advice through prayer. Every time we prayed about it, we felt called to stay in the Spartanburg area. So finally, we thought- let’s obey this calling and join the church first and we’ll see what happens. Which leads me to my next point….


We are finally HOME- OWNERS!!! I should have known that if we joined the church, the right house would eventually come along. I am also so picky and I think about every aspect of a home that we look at such as location, yard size, storage space, curb appeal, price, the ability to re- sell later, etc., etc., etc. Therefore, it took us a while to find the right one but I truly feel that it was in God’s timing. We saw this house May 1st and closed May 31st. The process in between the two dates could not have been smoother and the timing was just so perfect. We joined the church, I’m officially on summer break, I’m done with grad school, and I have the time to focus on the house. God just knew what he was doing!


After we saw this house for the first time, we looked at each other while standing inside like “I think this is the one.” It truly felt like home. I also have to give a huge shout out to our realtor Patty Wilds at Century 21 in Spartanburg. She has been the most patient, loving, and caring realtor that we could have ever asked for!


Patty has been in the business for a long time and she brought a lot of knowledge with her. The market is also doing really well right now and homes are going under contract in 24 hours but with her expertise, we were able to find our home. If you are looking for the right house, you need Patty Wilds!


Other things we have been up to since I last blogged:

We celebrated some holidays with friends and family including St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco De Mayo, and Memorial Day Weekend!


We took a weekend trip to Charleston with Harry’s family. Ace got to meet my brother-in- law’s dog, Grady for the first time!


We attended The Masters this year! What a unique and special tradition! We are so thankful for this experience!!

1  2

We’ve been to a couple of weddings. They were both so much fun!!


And now I am looking forward to all things SUMMER!!!


By the way, Southern Charm Boutique has some cute new things in store right now- including this camo top (HOW CUTE!) and the outfit to the right! The jeans are so so comfy and I’m obsessed with this floral top!


Okay, that was a lot of catching up!! I have missed being on the blog so much and it feels great to be back!!

P.S. you can follow along with our house progress through my instagram story. Username: doverfromclover

Just in case you’re wondering and you don’t know me personally- my maiden name is Dover and I’m from Clover, hence the username! That name has stuck for years so there ya go! 🙂 




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