Balancing it All


Hap- Hap- Happy New Year Everyone!!! What did everyone do to celebrate last night? Harry and I grabbed dinner here in town and came home and put pajamas on to ring in the New Year with our sweet boy, Ace!


I get so excited for a New Year because it really is like a fresh start!

I love this quote:


Every year, as I think about my new year goals, I think about how I can improve my relationship with Jesus.

If you have not experienced a personal relationship with Jesus yet, then some of you may be thinking, “why does this girl talk about Jesus all the time?” My answer is, “Because Jesus is the one thing that will always matter.”

Jesus is the only one in this world, worth living for! He can provide you with a peace that nothing else in this world has to offer. When we allow Him to take control of our lives, our worries go away, and we really come to life in Him. Everything makes sense when He is in control because He knows what is best for us!


Jesus is at the center of my world and everything else just goes around it. With that being said, I am always striving to be better and see Jesus in all areas of my life including: being a wife, relationships with family, friendships, my career, etc.

I recently read this book:


Disclaimer: I am a Full House fanatic and I have the the full series on DVD. I can’t wait to show it to my future kids one day! I loved Candace Cameron in her Full House days and I’ll be the first to admit, that I am loving Fuller House that is currently streaming on Netflix!

One of the things that I love about Candace Cameron is that she is so bold in her faith, even in the middle of Hollywood!


In her book, “Balancing it All” she talks about everything. She begins with her childhood and the ways in which she grew up. She credits her parents for providing her with a very normal childhood and she strives to do the same now for her kids.

She then goes on to talk about her entry to adulthood and how she became a Christian. Now that she is a Christian, she tries really hard to balance it all by keeping what is most important at the center of everything, which is Jesus.

She talks about how she balances being a wife, a mom, her career, her friendships, and all of her daily activities. She admits her failed attempts and gives advice as to how she has improved in certain areas.

She gives very real and practical advice. The insight to “behind the scenes” of her career is just a bonus!

No matter where you are in life, single, married, a mom- you are guaranteed to take away something great from this book!! The entire book is centered around values that are found in scripture, that everyone can relate to!


I think this is a resolution worth adding this year- learning how to balance all areas of life by seeing Jesus in everything!


Happy New Year!!


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