4K is Super Cool

Ready for Round Three!!!


I am so excited to welcome a new group of kiddos into my classroom this year! I can’t believe it is already my third year of teaching. I guess time truly does fly when you choose a job that you love.

Today, I am talking all about my classroom set- up, whats new, whats different, etc!

If you read last years post: Up Up and Away in 4K  – you won’t see a huge difference. My theme has always been bright/ neon colors with a pop of black to tone it down a little! I love a cheerful classroom. 🙂


front of the room where whole group learning takes place


back of the room- center shelves, cubbies, pencil boxes, birthday wall, and small group/ work time buckets

-my center shelves sort of make a star in the middle of the room to separate all of my centers

-Last year I used the pencil boxes for “brain boxes” and I put little activities in them for the students to do in the mornings when they arrive. This year, I am using them for pencil boxes and materials they will need for small groups, writing, and learning time.


block center

The pink/ blue boxes sitting on top of the shelf are my students morning table buckets. The clipboard is used for morning sign- in and I’ll either include books or “brain bags” inside of the bucket. I’ll switch it up weekly!


house center, friends & family board, nap buckets


Work display board!


writing center- I’ll display work on the clothes pins


The Learning Zone- this board will display related learning content


Reading corner- I added truffula trees from Dr. Seuss stories


art center

my computer area


This is my closet area/ buckets that I store small group lessons in. I admit, I am super OCD and everything has to be organized in order for me to focus.


Other Display boards:


Front/ back of door:

Other Random Things I’ve Added This Year:


I found these scoop chairs on Wayfair’s website. $30 for a set of 6 and I LOVE the colors! They fit so perfectly in this basket I found at “At Home” in Greenville.


I made this activity for my writing center this summer out of pool noodles!


I went to Bruster’s and asked for some cups to make an ice-cream prop box to add to my house center. I’m going to add in cotton balls and little pom balls for ice-cream and toppings.


I found this pencil/ eraser set at Michaels for $5! I may add them to their meet the teacher gift or my birthday box.


I’m looking forward to another sweet year! If you’re a teacher, please share your tips and tricks!!


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