A Day in the Life of Us

This is my second time blogging, “A Day in the Life of Us.” My first one was about six months ago and I just think they are so fun. I love reading these posts on other blogs and I know I will treasure these days when I look back on them years from now.

Now, let me warn you, there is nothing super spectacular ahead but it’s the days when we are just going with the flow that I love the most.

I put it on my calendar to document our day from this past Sunday, March 26th, 2017.

So here we go!


I never set an alarm for Sunday mornings which is so great! I woke up at 7:40 but stayed in bed til about 8. I lay in bed and open up different apps on my phone to wake myself up. I check the weather, I look at social media, I check my emails, etc. Harry woke up very sick with allergies.. yuck!


Then, I had a few minutes of quiet time to read through my devotion for the day.


Then, it was time to get ready for church. Since Harry was sick, he stayed home in bed and watched the service online while I headed out the door to attend the 9:30 service.


Breakfast on the go.. HA! I need to go to the grocery store today!


We have been going to Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church in Spartanburg for about 2 years now and The Mill is amazing. We feel like we are growing spiritually there and it is just awesome. I really can’t say enough good things about it.

After church, I came home and Harry was making real breakfast or should I say brunch considering it is almost 11:30. I had just enough time to eat, make the bed, and make a grocery list.


So some of you may know and some of you may not know that Harry and I are house searching. We have been looking for a couple of months now but we just haven’t found the one yet. I’m picky!! I had an appointment to meet with a realtor to look at a house at 12:30. Poor Harry got out in the rain to go with me. (Today was a spring, rainy, yet relaxing day!)


After the appointment, I headed to the grocery store with my list!

When I got home, I unloaded the groceries and folded laundry while the boys watched basketball. If it looks like those clothes sat in the dryer a long time.. well it’s because they did!


Then, I took a break and watched some of the SC game with the boys and relaxed.

Then, the sun started coming out so I went for a walk while I talked to Brittany on the phone. We could talk for hours about life!! I love our talks! Next, I came inside and did a little work out. I’ve been putting my Christmas present to use over the past few weeks. I had been wanting some weights and things so I could work out at home, and Harry got it for me for Christmas!


Saturday night, Harry and I ate at Venus Pie (best pizza place in town!) So for dinner, I had left overs and Harry had soup because he still wasn’t feeling great. Who doesn’t love left over Hawaiian pizza?


After dinner, I had to write a paper for grad school. Thankfully, AnnaVee stopped by and I finally took my eyes off the computer screen for a bit. I LOVE having her back in Boiling Springs with me!


After my paper was finished, Harry and I watched Shark Tank. We are obsessed!! (Maybe its an ole married couple thing?) A few weeks ago, we started a thing where we try to put our phones away for at least an hour each day when we are both at home. I know an hour doesn’t sound like much but we literally put them on silent and put them in another room. This keeps us from answering calls, texts, emails, or any kind of alerts going off on the phone. We spend time together during that hour and tonight it was spent watching Shark Tank!! I only used the phone to take this picture of Mr. Wonderful!


Finally, it was time for bed and Monday mornings come early! So I got ready for bed, said my prayers, and went to sleep around 10:30.

If you’re wondering what is taped to the back of my door… read the post below or watch the movie War Room and it will all make sense!

Establishing a Prayer Routine


I listened to this song on repeat today!! Never Been a Moment

See my first “Day in the Life” post: A Day in the Life of Us

Have a great rest of the week!


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