Tell All Tuesday: 40 Day Prayer Challenge

Occasionally on Tuesdays, I will do a “Tell All” blog post.

Today, I am talking about a book that I recently finished called, “Draw the Circle: 40 Day Prayer Challenge.”


This book teaches you how to guide your prayer life, pray bold prayers, and strengthen your prayer life with the Lord. It has the potential to change your prayer life and it will all be traced back to these 40 days of prayer and being intentional with your prayers now.

Harry’s precious Godmother gave us these books several years ago. I started reading it but never finished it. So a couple a months ago, I decided to start reading it again and Harry and I held each other accountable for reading it each day. I definitely suggest going through this challenge with someone else or even a small group of people.

The beginning of the book suggests pinpointing something specific to pray about. If you’re not sure what to pray about then choose a person in your life or an obstacle in your life that you are going through.

**Now, this book will not deliver you from your problem at the end of day 40, but it does however change the way you look at the situation.**


I prayed over a few different things. One of the things I prayed over is our future home. Harry and I are currently living in an apartment and we are anxiously waiting to know where we will be called to live: which town, which neighborhood, which house? This is a big decision and we want to make sure we make the right decision that God wants for us, so we began praying over it!

One of the biggest things that God continued to remind me through this challenge is patience and living life in the present. We get so anxious for God to show us our next steps  that we forget to enjoy what he has given us right now.

Harry and I are so ready to know where our first house will be, that sometimes we forget to enjoy what God has given us right now. We live in a great apartment in Boiling Springs that is super friendly and we have learned so much by living here together. I know this is all a part of the plan and God really showed me that through this challenge.

As I was praying over our future house, God really taught me to slow down and trust in his timing. There is great reward in patience! We could easily settle for a house that we kinda like now but God keeps telling us to wait. I know he is at work and preparing us to move to the right place at the right time. (Maybe it will be right down the street and maybe it won’t be? Maybe God will show us our house soon or maybe it will be a while longer? I have no idea)

What I do know is that, I have such a peace about it though because it is in God’s hands. I know that if I were to plan our future, it would end in a mess. God’s plans are always better than ours and I trust in that!

Think about if everything in your life so far had always gone your way, how messy things could be. God blesses us in disguise sometimes!


These are some of the footnotes I took away from this prayer challenge and wrote down in my journal:

-“When you pray to God regularly, irregular things will happen on a regular basis.”

-“God will place you in the right place at the right time”

-You have to know how to pray “through” prayers, instead of praying “out” prayers.

-“Some prayers go unanswered because they go unasked.”

-“One God idea is better than 1,000 good ideas.”

-“God can accomplish more in one day, than we can accomplish in a lifetime.”

-“God always has a holy surprise up his sovereign sleeve.”

-“God is never early, God is never late, God is always right on time”


Believe me this book is worth the read! It will change the way you pray, the way you trust in God, and so much more!!


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